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Language Support Services

How to create an account for on-demand interpretation (RPS staff)

First, download and review these instructions.  Then, visit

After completing your registration, visit and sign in with your RPS credentials to begin using the on-demand interpreters.

What is Language Justice?

Language justice means being intentional about creating a multi-lingual space where parents and students can have a voice without language being a barrier.  For Richmond Public Schools, it includes giving parents and students access to interpreters and translated documents so they may make informed decisions about their education.  It also means that the translators and interpreters used by the division are properly trained in translation and interpretation techniques as well as cultural competence.  Richmond Public Schools is unwavering in its commitment to language justice and ensuring that every student and family feels valued, heard, and empowered. We recognize that our community is enriched by the diversity of languages and cultures that our students and families bring.


E-mail the Language Justice Team at if you have any questions related to language support.  Please do not e-mail our language vendors directly.

For more information on how to work with an interpreter, click here.

Translation Services

The Language Support Services team is able to provide translation of any necessary materials, including student records, correspondence, publications, and notifications. Translation times vary depending on length, complexity, and format. 

Interpretation Services

Interpreters are available in person, over the phone (OTP) or virtually (VRI) to assist RPS families when meeting at their child’s school or attending an RPS activity.

Staff Language Line

Interpretation and Translation Services are available for all RPS staff. Please select from the following options:

  • Over the Phone Interpretation - Access your school's phone access number and code here.

  • In-Person Interpretation - Submit an LSS request using our Quickbase app here.

  • Video Remote Interpretation (Scheduled Zoom or Google Meet) - Submit an LSS request using our Quickbase app here.

  • Video Remote Interpretation (On Demand App or Desktop Interface) - Register for an account with Syncroz using these instructions. Training materials are available here.

  • Translations - Submit an LSS request using our Quickbase app here.

Family Language Line

  • The Family Language line provides each school and department with a unique phone number that families can dial to get connected with an interpreter.  The interpreter will connect the family to the appropriate school or department.  Click here to view the Family Language Line information in multiple languages.