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Audit Process

Announcement Letter
Management is informed of the audit through an announcement letter. The letter communicates the scope and objectives of the audit and the auditor(s) assigned to the audit.

Preliminary Survey
Auditor gathers relevant information about the department or program, interviews key personnel, reviews reports, files and other information.

Internal Control Review
Auditor will review the system of internal control to help identify the areas of highest risk and design tests to be performed during the audit fieldwork.

Audit Program
The audit program concludes the preliminary review phase and the audit program outlines the fieldwork necessary to achieve the audit objectives.

The auditor performs transaction action testing, prepares working papers and develops a list of significant audit findings and recommendations.

Discussion Draft Audit Report
At the conclusion of fieldwork, the auditor drafts the report. Chief Auditor reviews the working papers and the draft report for accuracy before it is presented to management for written comment.

Exit Conference
Internal Audit meets with management to discuss the findings, recommendations, and management’s written response to the recommendations.

Final Report
Internal Audit presents the final report to the School Board Audit Committee.

Audit Follow-up
Within 6 months of the final report, Internal Audit will perform follow-up review to verify the resolution of the audit recommendations.