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Statement and Documentation Related to Monroe Park Investigation

Statement and Documentation Related to Monroe Park Shooting

The Richmond City School Board and the RPS Administration welcome the release of the Monroe Park shooting report prepared by the Sands Anderson law firm and are grateful for the professionalism and sensitivity with which they conducted their investigation. Transparency is critical for a public entity like RPS and we look forward to sharing the information included in this report.

The Board initially voted not to release the report because, among other things, a majority believed the report included legal guidance that was exempt from release; wanted to uphold the promise of confidentiality made to RPS employees who participated in the investigation, and hoped to avoid taking any action that might jeopardize the ongoing criminal case against the alleged assailant.

We respect the Court’s decision and welcome the opportunity to share the report’s findings. We also acknowledge and respect the minority of the Board that advocated for the release of the report earlier. 

Our shared commitment is to learn from this tragedy and continue to improve in order to further safeguard our students and staff. We already have taken several steps, including updating our policies about who can authorize students to participate in a graduation ceremony, revising our security protocols for all student events (including graduations), and investing millions in updated security infrastructure, including cameras, access control systems, metal detectors, intercoms, digital school maps for first responders, and more. 

We want to thank everyone who participated in the investigation, and especially those who were closest to the student we lost. We also encourage students who may feel re-traumatized by the release of the report to let their school counselor or teacher know so that we can provide the necessary support. Similarly, we encourage any affected staff members to connect with a trusted colleague and seek out professional help from our healthcare provider. Finally, we ask all of Richmond to continue working by any means necessary to eliminate the epidemic of gun violence that afflicts too many of our communities. We owe at least that much to the children and youth of this city.

Stephanie Rizzi, Chair, Richmond City School Board

Elizabeth Doerr, Vice Chair, Richmond City School Board

Jason Kamras, Superintendent, Richmond Public Schools

Update January 23: Richmond Public Schools learned from Sands Anderson on January 22 that the transcript of the Superintendent's interview was inadvertently left out of the exhibits included as part of the documentation that the Division received from Sands Anderson. Sands Anderson collected all exhibits as part of their independent investigation. The Division received a copy on January 22 and is posting that now. 

List of Exhibits

  • Ex. 1:     Motion & Rationale
  • Ex. 2:     Letter to Mother
  • Ex. 3:     Interview transcript - Veney-Chaplin
  • Ex. 4:     Altria Theater Use License Agreement
  • Ex. 5:     RPS Graduation Planning Document
  • Ex. 6:     RPS Graduation Agenda
  • Ex. 7:     Minutes, Graduation Coordinators Meeting
  • Ex. 8:     RPS Graduation Planning Document
  • Ex. 9:     Interview transcript – Lyons Sanchez Concha
  • Ex. 10:  RPS Graduation Schedule
  • Ex. 11:  RPS Graduation Security Job Posting
  • Ex. 12:  Interview transcript – Monica Fecht
  • Ex. 13:  RPS - Care and Safety Associate Standard Operating Procedures
  • Ex. 14:  RPS Graduation layout
  • Ex. 15:  RPS Graduation Information for Care and Safety Associate
  • Ex. 16:  RPS Notes from Altria walkthrough
  • Ex. 17:  RPS Graduation Programs and Tickets
  • Ex. 18:  05/12/2023 Graduation Letter
  • Ex. 19:  RPS Graduation Support Memo
  • Ex. 20:  Interview transcript – Solomon Jefferson
  • Ex. 21:  Interview transcript – Monique Harris
  • Ex. 22-27:  Emails between RPS and Mother
  • Ex. 28:  Interview transcript – Kevin Monroe
  • Ex. 29:  Interview transcript – Lisa Harrison
  • Ex. 30:  Interview transcript – Robert Crosby
  • Ex. 31:  Interview transcript – Peggyann Morris
  • Ex. 32:  Interview transcript – Wyatt Venable
  • Ex. 33:  RPS Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management
  • Ex. 34:  RPS Graduation Schedule
  • Ex. 35:  Interview transcript – Jonathan Young
  • Ex. 36:  Interview transcript – Stephanie Rizzi
  • Ex. 37:  Interview transcript – Muhammed Harris
  • Ex. 38:  RPS Graduation Programs and Tickets
  • Ex. 39:  Interview transcript – Sandra Ramsey
  • Ex. 40:  Interview transcript – Bridgette Flowers
  • Ex. 41:  RPS Graduation layout
  • Ex. 42:  RPS Graduation Support Memo
  • Ex. 43:  RPS Graduation Security numbers
  • Ex. 44-46: Emails from Sands Anderson to RPS
  • Ex. 47: Summary from John Beazley
  • Ex. 48: Excerpt from RPS document relating to Shawn Jackson
  • Ex. 49: Virginia Administrative Code 8-20-131
  • Ex. 50: RPS Virtual Academy Home Education Services Overview
  • Ex. 51:  Interview transcript – Sandra Portee
  • Ex. 52:  RPS Powerpoint for Home Instruction Services
  • Ex. 53:  Interview transcript – Valenta Wade
  • Ex. 54: Shawn Jackson Request for Homebound Services
  • Ex. 55: Email from Sandra Portee to Sands Anderson
  • Ex. 56-59: Emails between RPS and Mother
  • Ex. 60: Memo from Superintendent Dated November 21, 2023
  • Interview Transcript – Jason Kamras 
  • Additional transcripts