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Indoor Air Quality Reports

Mold Test Results

In fall and winter of 2023-24, Richmond Public Schools extended an offer to all building leaders to have their facilities receive indoor air quality tests. Twenty-four building leaders accepted; two other buildings, Boushall Middle School and Clark Springs (Fox) Elementary School, were also tested. The tests compared the presence of fungal spores inside buildings to their outside surroundings. All the results are below. 

All buildings are considered safe, with no significant instances of spore elevation or amplification. On visual inspection, a few schools had instances of visible mold or stained ceiling tiles. Our Facilities team was notified and (as of 2/28) has addressed many of those flagged issues. A full presentation will be made to the Richmond School Board later this spring. Reports were shared with building leaders, to be shared with families and staff, by March 1, 2024.

Reports for Summer Hill Preschool, Huguenot High School, Blackwell Elementary, G.H. Reid Elementary School are forthcoming, and will be provided in Spanish.