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Amazon Business Information

Purchase of any item should always begin with existing, negotiated purchasing contracts established by Procurement and Property Management. If a particular item is not blocked on Amazon, it does not always mean that it is eligible for purchase on Amazon per RPS' purchasing policies. After you submit your order on Amazon, all orders are reviewed by our office before the order is finally placed. Contact our office at 804-780-6110 for more information.

Amazon Business Customer Service: 888-281-3847

How Do I Get an Amazon Business Account?

If you need a new Amazon Business account, or if you need to make changes to your existing Amazon Business account (add a new delivery address, obtain purchasing ability for another group, etc.), please contact Christopher Burnette at

Delivery Addresses

Please note that all items that require asset-tags MUST be shipped to the Vatex Warehouse and a Fixed Asset Form must be completed. If your order contains an item that requires an asset tag, and the delivery address is not listed as Vatex, the entire order will be cancelled for re-entry with an updated delivery address. We cannot change delivery addresses, item selections or quantities, etc. after you have submitted your Amazon order for approval.

Paying for Amazon Orders With
a P-Card

If you wish to pay for Amazon orders with a P-Card, please email Tomika Easter-Hayden ( to make sure there is a P-Card enabled Amazon group for your location. If there is a P-Card group for your location:

  1. When creating your order, choose to place the order on behalf of the "P-Card" group for your location. NO PO is needed in the AS400.
  2. Create your Shopping Cart as usual.
  3. In the "PO Number" field during checkout, type "P-Card."
  4. Enter the P-Card information as the payment method.
  5. Go to "Your Orders" in Amazon to obtain a receipt to upload/attach to the transaction in Works. You can also use the packing slip that should be included in the package when delivered.

Which Items Cannot be Purchased on Amazon?

This is not a complete list, but some of the items that should not be purchased on Amazon include the following:

  • Computers (or any other device that must connect to our RPS network)
  • Printers
  • Gift Cards
  • Software
  • Gas-Powered Equipment
  • Assembly and Installation Services

If you are not sure if an item should be purchased on Amazon or not, please email Tomika Easter-Hayden (formerly Ms. Geary) at


Paying for Amazon Orders With
a PO

  1. When creating your order, choose to place the order on behalf of the "PO/Invoicing" group for your location.
  2. Create your Shopping Cart and get item totals and amounts.
  3. Create an Unapproved Purchase Order in the AS400 that matches the Amazon order. Make note of the PO Number.
  4. Go back to Amazon and continue the check-out process. In the "PO Number" field during check-out, type the PO Number.
  5. After the order is delivered, all items must be received in the AS400.
  6. Forward any emailed Amazon Invoices or Credit Memos to