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Vendor Information

Selecting Vendors for Bidding Participation
The Procurement and Property Management division maintains an indexed, computerized Bidders Mailing List from which a group of vendors is selected to participate in the bidding process. A vendor may be placed on the mailing list by completing: a Bidder's Mailing List Application form and a Vendor Application.  Purchasing reserves the right to remove a vendor from the Bidders List for factors listed under "Removal from Bidders List." If removed, the vendor will be notified in writing.

The bidders application contains sufficient classification breakdowns to Procurement of an address change. The Division of Procurement encourages maximum participation from Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) businesses by sending all appropriate bids to these vendors and to agencies that are associated with promoting such firms.

All vendors must be registered with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) prior to contract award.

All vendors are encouraged to register with eVA, Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution, to explore the benefits of ordering electronically.

Find the RPS General Terms and Conditions HERE.

Removal from Bidders List
A vendor may be removed (debarred) from the Bidders List for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to respond to three consecutive bids.
  2. Default or poor performance on any contractual obligation. Examples would include, but are not limited to, over-shipments, under-shipments, early shipments, late shipments, damaged or defective goods, failure to meet specification requirements, unauthorized substitutions, billing errors, and service deficiencies.
  3. Offering any gift of more than nominal value (in excess of $25), gratuity, favor, or advantage -- present or future -- to any employee of Richmond Public Schools who exercises any procurement responsibility. It is not necessary that the offer be accepted by the employee or that the offer be made with intent to influence the employee in an official act. Extending to any Richmond Public Schools employee exercising procurement responsibility any discount or privilege not available to all Richmond Public Schools employees is considered to be offering an advantage.
  4. Failing to disclose a condition constituting a conflict of interest by an officer, director, owner, or partner of the vendor in a contract or purchase order awarded by Richmond Public Schools. It is not necessary that there be a judicial determination that a violation of the Virginia Conflicts of Interest Act has occurred.
  5. Conviction of any criminal offense involving public contracting. Examples would include, but are not limited to, bribery and sale of materials for governmental buildings by the architect or engineer in charge, and knowingly making a false statement in regard to collusion on an Invitation for Bid. Conviction for any of the above by any officer, director, owner, partner, or agent of a vendor shall constitute grounds for removal of the vendor.
  6. Court judgment finding a violation of either federal or state anti-trust laws.
  7. Violation of any provision of the purchasing/vendors manual.
  8. Request or consent of the vendor.

In addition to direct mail solicitation, all formal bids are posted on the department's website for public viewing under Current Bids/RFPs. If the value of the anticipated procurement exceeds $50,000, notice is also published in a local newspaper of general circulation and/or eVA. This serves as public notice to all those who are not presently on the mailing list. If such a firm requests a copy of the Invitation for Bids, it will be given to the firm provided no factors exist (such as those listed previously under "Removal from Bidders List") that otherwise would not entitle the firm to receive an Invitation for Bid. Newspaper advertising is also used in vendor solicitation, especially with regard to construction contracts, and requests for proposals, or any other solicitation expected to exceed $50,000 in value. At the discretion of the purchasing officer, however, newspaper advertising may be used for purchases under $50,000.00.

Transportation Vendors
All transportation companies seeking to do business with Richmond Public Schools must submit a "Certificate Of Liability Insurance" to:

Risk Management Department
Richmond Public Schools
301 North 9th St, 13th floor
Richmond, VA 23219

This form should be submitted from your insurance company.

Vendor Performance Files
These files are maintained for the purchasing officer's review to determine if a vendor's overall history of compliance with terms, conditions, and specifications of contract awards has been satisfactory.

A record of unsatisfactory performance will be cause for removal from the mailing list as described in item 2 of "Removal from Bidders List."