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General Transportation Procedures

Bus Stop Procedures

  • Students in grades Pre-K- through 1st grades must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or designee to and from the bus stop. If the parent/guardian or designee is not at the bus stop when the student is dropped off the student will be returned to their school. (Students will not be released to unauthorized persons).
  • Students are encouraged to arrive at their assigned bus stop at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. The bus is required to remain at the stop until the scheduled departure time.
  • While waiting for the bus students should respect the property and persons who are residents of the area.
  • Students should stand back from the curb and away from the street where vehicles travel.
  • Students should wait their turn to get on and off the bus.
  • Students must ride their assigned bus.
  • Transportation is provided from home to school and school to home based on the student's home address. RPS does not pick up or drop off at alternate locations. 

Bus Riding Rules

  • Wear your face mask correctly, covering your mouth and nose, at all times.
  • Follow all directions from your driver and monitor.
  • Remain in your seat while the bus is moving.
  • Enter and exit the bus in an orderly fashion.
  • Talk quietly and respectfully to each other and to the driver and monitor.
  • Keep the aisles clear at all time.
  • Keep arms, hands, head, and any other part of your body inside of the window.
  • Do not throw objects on the bus or out of the bus window. 
  • No eating, drinking, smoking or vaping on the bus. 
  • Do not damage the bus or tamper with bus equipment.

Eligibility for Ridership and Walk Zone

Grade Level

Home to Stop Distance in Miles (Bus Riders)

Home to School Distance in Miles (Walk Zones)











Hub Stop Locations

Students who attend the programs at Specialty Schools will catch the school bus from Hub Stops. Hub Stops are assigned at the nearest elementary school, or community center, library or designated location from your home. The Hub Stops are designed to be a drop-off and pick-up location for the students to catch the school bus to their Specialty School. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to get the student to and from the Hub Stop locations.

Non-Resident Students

Students who live outside the designated school zone of the City of Richmond will not be transported on a school bus.

Temporary Incapacitation

Students with temporary medical conditions may be considered for special accommodations. The parent/guardian can make a transportation request through the school. The request should include a letter from the doctor stating the medical condition/injury and how long the student will require the special accommodations. The medical condition must be that of the student and not the parent/guardian.

Exceptional Education Transportation

Exceptional Education Transportation is based on the student’s disability, not the parent/guardian. Exceptional Education transportation must be requested by the school or the Exceptional Education Department. The provisions may range from a bus stop in front of the residence or in close proximity, that is school bus accessible.

Open Enrollment

Parent/Guardians are responsible for transporting students attending school under Open Enrollment.


Students who are displaced may continue to receive transportation to their home-school under the McKinney Vento Act. You may contact Richmond Public Schools McKinney Vento Office directly if you need assistance. 804-780-6288.

Students Who Miss the School Bus

Parents are responsible for the transportation of pupils who do not arrive at the bus stop on time and miss the school bus.