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    2021-22 #ReopenWithLove2.0

    We could not be more excited to begin the process of reopening our schools and welcoming our students and teachers back into classrooms this summer and fall. As we #ReopenWithLove2.0, we have three key principles:

    • Extend grace and love to all students, staff, and families – Returning to in-person instruction will require the same grace, love, and flexibility that we extended each other during our virtual year. We’ll need to reestablish school and classroom routines, learn and follow safety protocols, and adjust to ever-changing health recommendations. I’m confident that if we continue to work together and support one another, RPS will open stronger than ever before.

    • Protect everyone’s health and safety, including their mental health – During the closure, our facilities team has been hard at work making all sorts of changes in our buildings to protect everyone’s health and safety. We’re placing standalone HEPA filtration units in every classroom and common area, upgrading our bathrooms with touchless soap and paper towel dispensers, installing hand sanitizer stations throughout our buildings, and more. We’re also investing in more mental health supports for our students and staff to provide everyone with the support they need.

    • Communicate, communicate, communicate – We know coming back to in-person school is going to be a big change for everyone and you’ll likely have lots of questions. So we’re going to do our very best to communicate in a number of different ways so you have all the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your family. To kick things off, we have a series of informational events this spring. You can find all the details about them on our website at www.rvaschools.net/conversations.

    Now to the first key decision you need to make for next school year. We’re going to have two options for students: 5 days/week of in-person learning OR 5 days/week of virtual learning. We strongly encourage everyone to come back in-person, but understand that some families may prefer or need to remain virtual for health reasons. If you want your student/s to come back in-person, you don’t need to do anything. In-person is the default option. But if you want them to remain virtual, you’ll need to let us know by June 1, 2021 by filling out the 2021-22 Virtual Instruction Selection Form (Formulario de intención de instrucción virtual). Please note, families can transition back to in-person at any time, though a transition at quarter/semester marks is recommended for a smoother academic transition.

    This section of our website will be updated regularly with information and resources you may need as RPS prepares to Reopen With Love 2.0 and and we encourage you to visit frequently.

    Use the site navigation (on the left on desktops or using the + sign at the top of the page on mobile devices) or the icons below of frequently accessed topics to find the information you need.

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RPS Direct Update - May 14, 2021

  • Dear #RPSStrong Family,

    Happy Friday! Tonight's updates:

    RPS in the News! – Many thanks to Ronald Carrington of the Richmond Free Press for shining a spotlight on our amazing teacher of the year, Ashley Bland, and for featuring the work of our Engagement Office!

    More Facilities Updates – Not only are we making health and safety upgrades throughout our schools, but we're also working to ensure that our students return to beautiful spaces that are conducive to learning. Check out this gorgeous mural at Blackwell Preschool created by local artist and frequent RPS collaborator Hamilton Glass.
    Teacher Appreciation Month – Here's another Teacher Appreciation video!
    Decision Day Announcements – Class of 2021, please keep sharing your Decision Day news with us at outreach@rvaschools.net!

    Huguenot HS

    • Cierra Pleasant - Old Dominion University
    • Ndeye Gueye - Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Alexis Atkins - George Mason University
    • Titus Jeffreys - Old Dominion University

    With great appreciation,

    Shout-outs! – Please keep sending them to me at jkamras@rvaschools.net!
    • Shout out to Autumn Nabors for always returning my email, call or text. She takes the time to walk me through my questions/concerns with patience and love but she is also not afraid to disagree and push my thinking around a variety of topics. We are better because she is part of our family. Professional Love!!
    • Kudos to Mr. Charles Watson at Richmond Technical Center for coordinating and hosting an outstanding Virtual Job Fair as part of the Jobs for Virginia Graduates program. Dozens of representatives from across various fields and industries (Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Customer Service, Armed Forces, Distribution, Staffing, Automotive, Healthcare, Landscaping, Colleges, Training Programs, and the RPS Talent Office) were present. This was the "real deal" ... employers showed up to hire RPS students and family members! Mr. Watson Leads with Love by connecting students with their future! Thank you, Mr. Watson, for all you do for students and families of RPS!
    • I'd like to give a huge shout-out to our math specialists at Broad Rock Elementary School, Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Hardison, for always being willing to go above and beyond to support our teachers and students. We are lucky and grateful to have them on our team!
    • Congratulations to all of our exceptional education teachers, IAs, and students who successfully completed their VAAP Books over the last couple of weeks! Our school is very thankful for the information and guidance provided by Ms. Rebecca Ceja, Ms. Kari Lagow, and the rest of their team during this virtual school year.
    • Mad props to the Lucille Brown Middle School MAP extraordinaires, Ms. Scott and Ms. Layne.  Their dedication and care equipping staff and students is awesome! Also, big thanks to Mr. Alex Alexson for ongoing tech support, and Mr. Patrick Wells for helping math teachers with MAP completion. Teamwork makes the dream work.
    • Thank you, Ms. Watson, Ms. LP, and Ms. Morrison, for all the above and beyond work outside your caseloads and classes. Lucille Brown Middle School students are supported so well because of each of you.
    • I'd like to shout-out Ms. Elisabeth Neyland at Southampton Elementary. Ms. Neyland is a stellar special education teacher who goes above and beyond to meet her students' needs. She not only teaches the curriculum but she teaches her students to self-advocate and know about their education program. She speaks to them intelligently and empowers them to understand their accommodations so they can do their best. Ms. Neyland goes out of her way to meet with parents and drop off supplies and paperwork personally. The families know they can depend on her and that goes a long way. As a veteran teacher, Ms. Neyland doesn't hesitate to ask questions to improve her instructional practices. She is truly an educator from the heart and we are honored to have her expertise on the team!
    • I'd like to shoutout RCMS's amazing social worker, Kailyn Hampton-Studivant. I called Ms. Hampton-Studivant with concerns about my student during third period today and by 5:10 pm that same day, Ms. Hampton-Studivant had met my student's needs and connected them and their family with additional resources. This is the urgency and care our Red Tails deserve. Thank you, Ms. Hampton-Studivant!
    Internet Discount – You might qualify for a $50/month discount on broadband service under a new federal program called the Emergency Broadband Benefit. To find out if your family is eligible, visit https://www.fcc.gov/broadbandbenefit 
    Vaccine Update for Adolescents – The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for use in children as young as 12. Here are some of the ways you can access this opportunity for your adolescents:
    • Vaccines.gov – Start by going to Vaccines.gov to find pharmacies or other providers in your area that have available Pfizer doses. You can then visit the website of individual providers or call them to find available appointment times. Check back frequently as pharmacies will add new appointments weekly.
    • Pediatricians – Several of our region’s pediatricians will begin offering the Pfizer vaccine to existing patients aged 12-15. Parents and caregivers should contact their pediatrician to find out more information about scheduling an appointment.
    • Local Health District Events – All Richmond and Henrico Health District Pfizer events are now open to children aged 12-15, either with appointments scheduled through vax.rchd.com/804-205-3501 or as walk-ups. There's a special vaccination event for RPS students aged 12 and up – staffed by RPS nurses – at George Wythe High School on Saturday, May 22, from 11 am - 3 pm. An event for the second dose will be held three weeks later at the same location.

    Note: A parent or guardian must sign a consent form for a child aged 12-15 to receive the vaccine. The form is electronic and can be signed on-site at the vaccination clinic. An adult must also accompany the child to the vaccination appointment, though it is not required that the adult be the child’s legal guardian. 


    Fall Reopening – We'll have two options for our students in the fall: 5 days/week of in-person learning OR 5 days/week of virtual learning. We strongly encourage everyone to come back in-person, but understand that some families may prefer or need to remain virtual for health reasons. To learn more about how the virtual pathway will work, click here for English and here for Spanish. If you want your student/s to come back in-person, you don’t need to do anything. In-person is the default option. But if you want them to remain virtual, please let us know by June 1, 2021 by filling out the 2021-22 Virtual Enrollment Form on our website – here in English and here in Spanish. We recognize this is a big decision so don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions.
    Fall Reopening Community Walks – Our Family Liaisons are out in the community sharing information about our fall reopening. Here's where they'll be this week:

    Tomorrow, May 15
    • Southside: Woodland Crossing Leasing Office (previously Walmsley Terrace) – 3465 Walmsley Blvd (10 am - 12 pm)
    Fall Reopening Conversations for Staff – We're hosting a series of fall reopening conversations for our staff over the next couple of weeks. See the flyer below for details and register at www.rvaschools.net/staff-conversations. We hope you can join!
    Talent Office Updates – RPS employees, please take note of these important updates:

    • RPS Virtual Academy – If you're interested in teaching in the PK-5 RPS Virtual Academy next year, please click here to apply. The deadline to submit your application is May 21. If you have any questions, please email Meredith Hill at mhill4@rvaschools.net.
    • Transfer Process (All RPS Positions) – If you're interested in transferring to another school, please click here for instructions. All transfers must be completed no later than June 15. If you have any questions, please email the Talent Office at talentoffice@rvaschools.net.
    • Summer Session Interest Form – Finally, if you'd like to teach this summer, click here submit an interest form. The deadline to do so is May 21.
    Elementary Teacher Fair – Please join us tomorrow, May 15, at 9 am, for our Virtual Elementary Teacher Recruitment Fair! Check out the flyer below and register here.
    2021 Summer Session – We're excited to offer a variety of free, in-person programs for RPS students this summer! For grades PK-8, our theme is "Summer Learning Olympics," with special activities to learn about countries all over the world in celebration of the Summer Olympics in Japan. 
    The PK-8 summer program is designed for students with unfinished learning from this past year. Families of these students will receive a communication from RPS (if they haven't already) with additional information. The five-week session will run from July 12 - August 13. Please note that Monday - Thursday will be fully in-person, and Friday will consist of virtual field trips and activities.
    For high school students, we have five different pathways to meet students' unique needs. To get all the details, just click here

    Important Links – Last updated on April 29, 2021.

    RPS Links
    COVID-19 Links
    Crisis Support Links

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