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RPS Direct Update - October 23, 2020

  • Dear #RPSStrong Family,

    My apologies for the technical glitch that held up my RPS Direct last night! Here's what was supposed to go out:

    I just finished participating in the Policy Pathways 2020 Awards Ceremony, which honored Governor Wilder and six area youth, including Terri Lee from Franklin Military, Jazz Miles from Richmond Community, and DeJia Graham from Franklin Military (see bios below). Policy Pathways is an innovative education program whose mission is to prepare young people to lead in the policy sector.

    This evening's celebration was incredibly inspiring, and that's in no small part due to the visionary leadership of Dr. D. Pulane Lucas, President and CEO of Policy Pathways. I also want to recognize School Board Member Dawn Page, who serves on the organization's Board of Directors, and School Board Vice-Chair Cheryl Burke, who nominated all three of the RPS students who received awards tonight.

    One of the collegiate awardees was Zyahna Bryant, a student activist and community organizer studying at the University of Virginia. In her remarks, she charged everyone to be unrelenting in the fight against injustice, but also to make time to find joy. As she reminded us all: "You cannot pour from an empty cup." Indeed. So I ask us all to recommit to finding joy, especially amidst the challenges of the moment. We all need a full cup – for ourselves, our children, and our community.

    With great appreciation,


    Shout-outs! – Please keep sending them to me at jkamras@rvaschools.net. Thank you! 
    • Many thanks to the following Custodian Crew Leaders, Custodians, and Facility Services employees for cleaning the Ashe Center and preparing it to be a voting site. We could not have done this work without your help: Facilities Grounds Crew, Facilities Repair Crew, Facilities Power Washing Crew, Ms. King from Westover Hills, Ms. Smith from Huguenot, Mr. Moorer from River City, Mr. Dre from River City, Mr. Shawn from River City, Mr. Anderson from Southampton, Mr. Wall from Southampton, Mr. Johnston from Lucille Brown, and Mr. Jones from Redd. Again, thanks to the Cluster 1 Crew for lending a hand today!
    • I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Gloria Kenney and crew at Linwood Holton. They come out and say hello to the drivers, myself, Ms. Twandra Williams, Ms. Brenda Rogers, and my monitor, Ms. Brenda Lewis, on a daily basis. They are so appreciative of our help and dedication in distributing meals. Today, the staff went above and beyond to show their appreciation, and fixed us a delicious breakfast.
    • Introducing the phenomenal Ms. Symaya Burch of the RPS substitute teacher department. I want to give a super colossal shout out to Ms. Burch, who collaborated with me in Google Meet for over two hours in preparation for teaching in my absence over the next two days that followed. Her sincere dedication to teaching the students in Richmond City Public Schools is truly amazing. Ms. Burch, I appreciate your time and dedication. Thanks again!
    • I want to shout out Mrs. Majer at Cary Elementary. Our son is new this year and had a bit of anxiety starting at a new school virtually. Mrs. Majer has been extremely patient and encouraging. Our son is now excited about school! Mrs. Majer has gone above and beyond and even delivered a textbook to our front porch. Thank you for welcoming us to Cary!
    • A shout out to Corbin Little, English teacher at Albert Hill Middle, for her professional development about using Google Sites to create teacher websites. You did a great job with your very informative and useful sessions.
    • Shout out to Mrs. Murphy-Braxton, principal of River City Middle School! She has continually been a driving force in keeping our teacher team feeling heard, feeling part of a greater community, and making sure we are taking care of ourselves and loving our students most. I know she has been carrying us through the new middle school move, a new growing community, a new virtual school year, along with helping her family stay in good health. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do! So grateful to be a part of the Red Tail family you have helped create!
    • Shout out to Ms. Michae Jamison, assistant principal of River City Middle School. She has been a great source of support for our science teachers, both in answering all their questions and providing additional support with substitutes. She hears concerns and is quick to respond with tools to move us forward. I always feel heard and supported with her quick feedback and reassurance. Thank you for all of your help!
    • I want to shoutout my coworker Mr. Ownby. Mr. Owny is a team player and is always checking in on how the team is doing. He reached out to me this week personally to see how I was doing, and it was really nice to feel supported by my team member. He is very kind and cares about our students. He works really hard to create fun, creative, and engaging lessons. We are lucky to have him!
    • I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Kristina Hicks (IA) at Mary Scott Preschool. We are a PERFECT team! She has great ideas and is in tune with the needs of the class and myself! She picks up where I leave off with no problems and is always willing to go the extra mile. I thoroughly enjoy teaching with her every day! I would have to say, I have THE best co-teacher in RPS! Thank you so much, Ms. Hicks, You Rock!
    • I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Blanche Little (our flex substitute) at Cary ES, who has helped us integrate technology into our reading instruction. I am so proud of her! She was nervous but she did a FANTASTIC job! Way to go, Ms. Little!
    • I'd like to shout out Andrew Bishop for all that he does for RPS. Andrew's drive for excellence, can-do attitude, and focus on doing the right thing in service of students and families - to name just a few things - makes him an invaluable teammate!
    • A big whoop whoop to Lucille M. Brown Middle School's virtual MAP coordinators: Stephanie Henderson, Elizabeth Layne, Alex Alexson, and Camille Scott. You make the load lighter for our teachers and are amazing humans who make teamwork dream work!
    • Thank you to Beth Ramsay and Valenta Wade for real-time training, resources, and support every day during MAP testing. Your wisdom and calm made implementing the MAP possible. I am grateful for your approach, grounded in love and care.
    RPS Live! Recap – A huge thank you to Luke Hostetter, Director of School Planning, and Candace Veney Chaplin, Manager of College and Career Pathways, for explaining the application process for specialty and out-of-zone schools. If you missed the conversation, you can check it out hereAs a reminder, the application portal is now live. For more information, please visit rvaschools.net/enroll. We also encourage you to join one of our virtual information and technical support sessions. Just click on the links below to register.

    Wednesday Schedule on Monday, October 26 – Families, please note that we will be on a Wednesday schedule this coming Monday, October 26, as that's a Teacher Work Day. Teachers, there will be no division or school-based activities or responsibilities following the instructional day. This time is exclusively for you to use as you see fit to support your instruction.
    RPS Closed on Election Day / Parent Conferences Moved – Please remember that we will be closed for students and staff on. November 3. Because parent-teacher conferences were originally scheduled for that day, we're moving them to Wednesday, November 4, and Wednesday, November 11 (after class ends). The division-level and school-based professional development previously set for those days will be rescheduled. Please look for more specifics about parent-teacher conferences from your student's school.
    2021 Benefits Open Enrollment – RPS employees, please note that open enrollment season for 2021 benefits will continue through October 30. This is your annual opportunity to review your benefits and make any changes you'd like (which will go into effect on January 1, 2021). Please visit the open enrollment section of our website for more information.
    RPS Love Store – Show your RPS Love and help us raise money for RPS families in need and local racial justice non-profits by ordering something today from the RPS Love Store
    Important Links – I'll note in orange when there have been additions/updates so you you won't miss anything.
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