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    2020 Virtual Reopening Plan

    December 7, 2020 Update - RPS has officially announced that we will remain completely virtual for the second semester beginning on February 8, 2021. Further updates will be shared in RPS Direct and within this section of our website.

    This section of our website will be updated regularly with information and resources you may need as RPS continues to conduct the 2020-2021 school year virtually and we encourage you to visit frequently.

    Use the site navigation (on the left on desktops or using the + sign at the top of the page on mobile devices) or the icons below of frequently accessed topics to find the information you need.

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RPS Direct Update - January 25 (PM) 2021

  • Dear #RPSStrong Family,

    Please email me your principal shout-outs to celebrate Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week! Also, make sure to tune in for RPS Live! on Wednesday to meet and learn from a few of our amazing school leaders. As always, you can catch the livestream on the RPS Facebook page at 7 pm.

    Reminder for RPS staff: Don’t miss "Mindful Mondays" and "Be Well Wednesdays" with our partners at SCAN and BareSOUL! See the flyer below for additional information and check your RPS email account for previously sent registration links. As a mentor of mine used to say: In education, all we are is a group of big people helping a group of little people. And if the big people aren't healthy, the little ones won't be. Please take the time to care for yourself – it's absolutely critical.

    With great appreciation,


    Shout-outs! – Please keep sending them to me at jkamras@rvaschools.net. Thank you! 
    • I'd like to shout out Ameenah Gueye, 6th grader at River City Middle School, for being the January guest host on the podcast BeTween the Lines, a collaboration with the Richmond Public Library! She did a great job! I'd also like to shout out her mom, Ms. Aniba, for allowing her to do it!!
    • A roaring shoutout to Michael Powell, principal of John B. Cary Elementary, and Ketia Singleton, academic dean. It is a pleasure working with both of these amazing individuals who lead with love and grace in an environment that encourages being your best self. Thank you for all you continue to do!
    • A huge shoutout to Ms. Edelmann at Mary Munford Elementary for her creativity and dedication to the fourth graders in her class. Our son has struggled to stay focused with online learning. Ms. Edelmann has made numerous adaptations to meet his needs and help him succeed. She takes the time to check in with us and offers advice to help him stay on track. Ms. Edelmann goes above and beyond to help our son and his classmates. We are so grateful she made the move to Richmond this year.
    • Thank you to my Star Family at Mary Scott for welcoming my baby! You have given me inspiration and encouragement while out on leave! I love you all! Even through these trying times, you have proven that we are truly all in this together!
    • Sending a huge shoutout to my amazing mentee, Ms. Elizabeth Bowry. She is an amazing 3rd grade teacher at G.H. Reid and encouraged me today when I was feeling really dejected after grading a math test. She reminded me that we are all doing the best that we can in this virtual setting. In case anyone hasn't told you that, I wanted to spread the word!!
    • Shout out to Crystal Blue, Leslie Hayes, Charlene McQueen, Lailah Rajab Bland, Jajuana Glenn-Berry, Tharish Harris, Deborah Butterworth and Judy Deichman for passing out anchor texts to River City Middle School students on Saturday. Many students also chose a book to read from the Lit Limo. Many thanks for a fun Saturday morning!
    • The Boushall MS community is amazing. The care we show each other has been awe-inspiring this year and it was highly present last week. Scholars and staff were engaged in community circles about the Capitol events, which were thoughtful, inquisitive, and filled with lots of supportive dialogue. While our scholars normally are the recipients of support, during circles, scholars were heard checking on teachers and their feelings because "it's hard to be an adult sometimes."
    • Mrs. James from River City is very supportive, professional, and diligent. She always goes the extra mile. The staff from George Wythe especially touched my heart when they went above and beyond to help a mom and daughter who has a disability. They both had gone through some very difficult times during the pandemic and the Wythe team provided a lot of support for them. This particular meeting was held by Alvin Moore. He puts his students above other things and went the extra mile to help this particular girl during her challenges that she faced during virtual learning. I thought he was amazing. A shout out to him.
    • One teacher I can mention that I love working with is Ms. Clay, the speech pathologist at Cardinal Elementary. She’s bilingual and seems to go above and beyond to make sure parents are well informed.
    • I am thrilled to have the chance to shout out our amazing Librarian extraordinaire, the Teacher of the Year last year for Boushall, our own personal literacy champion with the mostest - Mrs. Barbara Haas! Mrs. Haas' dedication to the Boushall staff, our students, and our families does not go unnoticed! She takes it upon herself to shout out other staff members frequently. She is a positive energy at Boushall and that energy has helped us all through her daily video morning announcements. Her tireless work and encouragement with specialty school applications and interviews is so very appreciated by all. She is always writing grants, many of which have been awarded, for our students. Her enthusiasm, her support, her empathy, and her ready smile come from such a special place. We love her and are so happy to have her as part of the Boushall family!
    • Dr. Probst and everyone at the Blackwell Preschool Center are rocking it!!!!  The students are engaged and learning!!!!
    • I would like to give a shout out to Mrs. Patricia Fisher at George Wythe High School. Thank you for your support since starting my teaching career three years ago. Thank you for always being on top of things, being transparent, and being understanding. Thank you for continuously displaying what it means to be a dedicated and effective teacher and department head.
    • Bellevue's new ITRT, Samantha Berry, is a joy to work with. She is always willing to help and patiently walks you through any technology tool or platform you need assistance with. Her office is always open and she's a team player!
    • I’d like to send a shout out to Jacquelyn Weinberg at Cardinal Elementary School. She is awesome! I have had the pleasure of creating a lot of lesson plans with her throughout this virtual year, and she is so tech savvy and creative. She is also such a supportive colleague and hard worker! Thank you, Ms. Weinberg, for all you do. Cardinal is so lucky to have you!
    • I would like to shout out Ms. Nicole Glover at Huguenot HS for her never ending support. She has been a listening ear and cheerleader for me this school year. But most of all, it's the little things she shares. For instance, when I expressed concern over the ability to find grades from 2020 to help my students, she immediately walked me through how to search ASPEN for them. She not only made my night, but also that of the parent I was helping!! Our SPED Team members are the best!!
    • The English team at George Wythe High would like to thank Principal Joe Pisani for his leadership and support during this challenging virtual school year. We appreciate how he encourages and helps us inspire our students, build their character, and foster their creativity--and achieve 90% attendance ;) Special kudos to celebrity appearances from our favorite Wythe Bulldog, Gracie!
    Vaccine Information Sessions – The YMCA is hosting a series of virtual information sessions about the COVID-19 vaccine with the Richmond and Henrico Health Districts. The one-hour events will be held on January 27, February 8, and February 17. See below for details.

    Girls for a Change – The Girls or a Change Girl Action Teams are excited to announce their new partnership with the Jr. NBA, offering leadership opportunities to young women athletes in middle and high school. Participants will learn about social justice movements, and design/implement creative solutions to address an issue in their community. Sign up here to learn more and join a Girl Action Team! 
    Scholarships – The Dream Project Scholarship is awarded to immigrant students who demonstrate academic achievement, leadership, community involvement, and perseverance in the face of adversity. The application closes on February 1
    Facilitated Learning Centers – As a reminder, there are still seats available at the "facilitated learning centers" serving RPS students. See below for details.

    • Peter Paul Development Center is running a facilitated learning center at MLK MS for 2nd-8th grade RPS students. The full-day option goes from 9 am until 6 pm, and is completely free for low-income families. To learn more, click here.
    • The YMCA is is running facilitated learning centers at Miles Jones ES, Holton ES, and Huguenot HS for K-8th grade RPS students. The full-day option goes from 7:30 am until 6 pm, and is completely free for low-income families. To learn more, click here.
    • There are also many other facilitated learning centers not housed in RPS schools across the city. To learn more, click here.

    RPS Love Store – Show your RPS Love and help us raise money for RPS families in need and local racial justice non-profits by ordering something today from the RPS Love Store
    Crisis Support – Please reach out if you need help.
    Important Links – I'll note in orange when there have been additions/updates so you you won't miss anything.

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