RPS Draft School Year 2019-2020 Calendar

  • Community input is a critical part of the development of our 2019-20 RPS Calendar.  Below you will find the guiding principles we used to draft our calendar.  Please review those, alongside the calendar, and submit your feedback (positive and constructive!) using the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Guiding Principles

    • No Half-Days for Students. Half-days create challenges for our families and disrupt our instructional schedules, so we have eliminated all early dismissals for students.
    • More Teacher Development Days. We’ve scheduled more time for teachers to collaborate through division-wide "Days of Practice." Teachers will come together in grade/content teams, facilitated by teacher leaders, to focus on planning and honing practice.
    • Aligning Records Day to the End of 9 Weeks. To maximize Records Day, we’ve placed it following the end of the nine-week term, allowing teachers to ensure grades are finalized ahead of report card distribution.
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences. Given many families are only available before/after school due to work schedules, we’ve created 2 options for conferences.  Conferences can occur during the “Records Day” for families who prefer day-time scheduling.  Or, teachers can schedule conferences with parents before/after school or in the early evening over the course of the following week. Teachers are credited 3 teacher work days (one for each of the first 3 quarters) for this before/after school time (*).


    • More 5-Day Weeks. We worked to increase the number of full school weeks to ensure cohesive instructional opportunities. This also included how we planned for the Winter Break and Spring Break.
    • Respecting Religious Holidays. The RPS community includes followers of many faiths. We want students and staff to be able to take an absence on religious holidays without significant hardship. To that end, we sought to avoid scheduling any RPS teacher days (for example, PD Days and Records Days) on cultural and religious holidays.
    • Neighboring Division Alignment. Whenever possible, we aligned our calendar with neighboring divisions.  For example, RPS winter and spring breaks are over the same time period as Henrico and Hanover.
    • Prioritizing Winter Break.  Based on the way the winter holidays fall on the calendar - and feedback from last year - the winter break is two full weeks for students and school-based staff.

Calendar Overview

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Calendar Breakdown

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