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School Social Work

School social workers engage students and families at every tier to support social and emotional wellness for students.

The school social workers of Richmond Public Schools serve students from preschool through the twelfth grade. As advocates and “change agents” for every student in the school division, we are committed to helping each student meet his or her potential. By meeting students where they are we can help to address needs or concerns that may be hindering their academic progress.

In part, the work of the school social worker is to assess the biological, psychological and emotional condition of students to identify and address barriers to achievement. Through the use of strategies and interventions, we empower students and families to overcome personal and environmental challenges which affect learning. Although each student learns and develops at his or her own pace, a school social worker can assist students with remaining on track to graduate.

•    Resources for basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter
•    Socio-cultural assessments
•    Attendance support
•    Student and classroom observations
•    Educational programming for parents and staff
•    Mental health consultation and referral for services
•    Support groups (i.e. social skills, anger management, and
•    Crisis and grief intervention

To access school social work services you may complete an online social work referral addressed to your school social worker with details about the matter of concern. Your school social worker will respond within forty-eight hours. The referral form should not be used to address crises.