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Health Services

The Health Services Team provides student-centered wellness in an effort to keep students in school and ready to learn. Medical supervision and services are provided to students with daily assessments, the management of student medical needs and supporting health promotion.

RPS Nursing Practices

  •  Must have written consent from parent and physician to dispense medications and treatments to students.

  • Individualized health care plans are essential in caring for medical fragile students’ health and safety during school hours.

At RPS, School Nursing ...

  1. advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students,
  2. promotes health and safety,
  3. intervenes with actual and potential health problems,                           
  4. assists with positive student responses to normal development,
  5. collaborate with professionals in other disciplines to advocate for the student and family overall needs.

Current COVID-19 Information

As a school division, we are no longer ordering COVID-19 test kits to be stored in the school buildings. In addition, as school nurses, we are not distributing Covid-19 test kits. For those who have COVID-19 test kits from the previous school year, you may provide them to students/staff while the supplies last. If you have expired Covid test kits, you should discard them.