School Health Advisory Board Applications

  • SHAB

    At Richmond Public Schools, we know that we have a role to play in ensuring that our students are prepared for lifelong wellness. Topics such as nutrition, exercise, mental health, environmental quality, and others have an important place in every child's education. How we integrate these issues into the fabric of our academic and social culture is sometimes less clear. That's why RPS is creating a School Health Advisory Board (SHAB). The group will include stakeholders of all kinds, including current and former RPS parents, students, and employees, and local medical providers, human services workers, and community residents. The SHAB will unite all of these voices into one force for the children of RPS, as they work to recommend health policies and evaluate the status of the health of our students and learning environments. 

    We can't do this without your help. A strong and diverse membership on the SHAB will drive great discussions between a variety of viewpoints and lead to great recommendations to improve health outcomes. Please lend your voice! The first step is following the link below and filling out the application. Applications must be received by JUNE 10!


    Follow the link today to apply!