1. What does it mean when a record is verified?

      Verification certifies that all absence/time worked information in a record is accurate and ready for payroll processing. Once the record has been captured for payroll processing, no changes can be made to the verification file. (See Verification Completed Column of The Department of Finance Payroll Schedule). Note: Do not verify a record unless the employee absence and substitute worked information are correct and reflect what actually happened.

    2. How can an "Early Retiree" or "Long Term Substitute" call in an absence?

      Tell the Early Retiree/Long Term Substitute to obtain a pin number by registering on the calling system as an employee. Through the calling system, they should report absence reason code 1,personal sick, or code 2, family sick,or code 3, urgent personal business.
      Timekeeper: In the verification file, change the absence code field to "Edit" then enter the actual absence reason in the reason code field. Note: Because the absence was placed through the calling system, a substitute will be secured if the position requires a substitute. However, since a long term substitute record automatically updates in the verification file, see question 3.

    3. As processed by the substitute office, "long term substitute" records automatically update in the verification file through the end date of the job. What should I do if an absence occurs?

      For an absence of a long term substitute in a vacant position, delete that day/s record from the verification file since there is no time worked to report, nor time missed to report.
      b. For an absence of a long term substitute working for an employee who is being recorded as absent, delete the long term substitute's social security number from the verification file record. Do not delete the absent employee information since the time missed needs to be reported.

    4. I have an employee who returned from leave where a long term substitute was substituting. What do I do to stop the absence/substitute record from being reported in the verification file?

      Since the employee has returned to work, you must delete from the verification file, each record after the employee's return date. Fax or e-mail to the substitute office, the job number, employee and substitute name and social security number and employee return to work date. They will process this to permanently remove the record from the verification file.

    5. A substitute showed up and was placed in a different classroom from the job number they accepted. What do I need to do?

      On the date of absence, through the calling system, use your administrator pin number to cancel the job containing the incorrect substitute information. Now create a new job with the same absence information for the absent employee but put in the correct substitute information. Note: If not done on the day of absence, the information must be submitted by fax or e-mail, on the following day, for processing by the substitute office.

    6. I'm getting a message that the Table/Step/Grade combination is not on file. What can I do to get the record verified?

      Only the substitute office can add a substitute to a record. Fax or e-mail the job number, substitute name, social security number, date worked, hours worked and absent employee's account code to the substitute office. Once the substitute office has added the information, the record can then be verified.

    7. I'm getting a message that the Employee ID/Job Code combination not on file. What can I do to get it verified?

      Position cursor to the Emp. Job Code field; press F4 and position cursor to the correct job code.
      Press enter, field will update with the job code selected and the record should be ready for verification.

    8. Can I still put substitutes on a payroll time sheet to get them paid?

      No, payment of a substitute requires a job number. Job numbers are only generated through the calling system. Payroll no longer processes substitutes from any time sheet.

    9. An employee was unable or failed to call in their absence. What can I do to get it recorded?

      On the date of absence, at least thirty minutes before close of the employee's work day, using your administrator pin number, call in the absence. If the absence reason is unknown, use absence code "12" (LWOP-AWOL). After the record updates to the verification file, if necessary, the absence code may be changed.
      If the absence was not processed as outlined above, e-mail or fax information to the substitute office for processing.

    10. How do I handle a Worker's Compensation absence?

      Complete form WC#1 "Employees First Report of Injury", forward to the Insurance and Risk Management Department and call in absence code "9" (LWP-WKCOMP) for a full day. Adjustments to leave will be processed by the payroll department.
      Note: It is the administrator's responsibility to ensure that WKCOMP is reported for all employees who are absent due to an injury.

    11. How do I report overtime?

      Overtime reporting did not change with the new absence/substitute reporting system. Continue using the Payroll Time Sheet, Overtime/Maintenance Form No.57350125