Pre-vocational Lab

  • Intro Parapraph .... stations incorporate sensory needs ...

    Task room


    Station Descriptions:

     Station 1.  Shredding and paper recycling

    Station 2.  Aluminum can recycling (can crush)
    Station 3.  Sorting recyclables:  plastic, metal and paper
    Station 4.  Sorting Center (objects, pictures, words)
    Station 5.  Stamp It!  Stamping bakery logos on pastry bags; sequencing steps 
    Station 6.  Read All About It! (Literacy station centering around Community Helpers and jobs people do)
    Station 7.  Pre-culinary activities:  Filling salt and pepper shakers; scooping and pouring ingredients into a bowl  
    Station 8.  Greeting cards activity (stocking, matching, sorting)
    Station 9.  Weight and measurement center
    Station 10. Clerical station:  Sorting and filing materials in a filing cabinet
    Station 11. Fidget center:  Using "tools"; fine motor skill practice with latches, nuts, and bolts