• Note: Much of the history of the Richmond Public Schools was recorded in the context of a segregated society, and the reader should readily discern between pre- and post-desegregation observations. The terms "black," "colored," "Negro," and "white" in this booklet should not be considered offensive as they have been used according to the custom of the particular period. Since 1962, the division has omitted such racial designations from its reports and publications.

Mosby (Junior High) Middle School

  • 1000 Mosby Street

    According to the Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee, Mosby School occupies part of the site of Howard's Grove, "... a vast and popular recreational area which during the American Civil War became one of the largest hospitals operated by the Confederacy. It contained 51 buildings and numerous tents with a capacity of about 1500 patients. A portion was used by the City as a municipal isolation hospitaL At the outbreak of the war the first out-of-state troops to arrive in Richmond were quartered and drilled here. Following the occupation the Federa1s continued the hospital for several years."

    This school was built in connection with the 17th Street Redevelopment Project. It opened September 2, 1964, as Mosby Junior High School and Mosby Elementary School; the elementary grades were discontinued in 1972. A partial air conditioning project was carried out in 1987.

    From 1974-76, the office of the director of Area I was located at Mosby; in 1975, due to a fire at Bellevue, those students were temporarily housed at Mosby.

    In 1991, East End Middle School was merged into Mosby. The enlarged middle school operates with a "math-science/technology" theme.

    Sept. 1964 1,538 (junior high) + 1,071 (elementary)
    1991-1992 1,148 (middle) + 34 (Pre-K)

    Macllroy, McCullough, Budina & Freeman
    1987 Washington Design Group

    1987 573,005

    1964-1966 Dr. Arnold R. Henderson
    1966-1975 Fred Swann
    1975-1980 Dr. Joe Louis Simmons
    1980-1984 Lyman E. Lloyd
    1984-1985 John C. Lane
    1987-1989 Dr. Roy A. West
    1989-1998 Dr. Ronald L. Carey
    1998-2002 Leroy Diggs
    2002-Current Aaron L. Dixon