• Note: Much of the history of the Richmond Public Schools was recorded in the context of a segregated society, and the reader should readily discern between pre- and post-desegregation observations. The terms "black," "colored," "Negro," and "white" in this booklet should not be considered offensive as they have been used according to the custom of the particular period. Since 1962, the division has omitted such racial designations from its reports and publications.

Ruffin Road School

  • 2001 Ruffin Road

    This eight-room circular school was named for the street on which it is located. In its planning stages, it was referred to as "Davee Gardens Primary School."

    Ruffin Road opened September 2, 1965, as a primary grade school to relieve crowded conditions at Summer Hill School. It operates as an annex to Summer Hill, under the same administration.

    Sept. 1965 173
    1991-1992 136

    Budina & Freeman


    Summer Hill School