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Principal Monica Murray

Jayem Family,

Welcome to the official start to the 20-21 school year!  This time of year brings on so much excitement! New beginnings, a fresh start, and opportunities for growth!  This year is no different.  We may be starting the year in an unconventional way, but it is still a start!

We know that we are trend setters! The Joy and Pride leads the way! So as we embrace our new virtual year, let's do it with:

Pride - Knowing who we are

Love - Why we do this work

Joy - Learning a new way of being

Patience - With ourselves and each other 

Hope - Meeting our students where they are

Inspiration - What guides us to be amazing

Transformation - Never falling back into mediocracy

Excellence - Exceeding Expectations

Together we are Justices 


Excellence is loading...


Mr. Cheatham, Mr. Vernon and myself would like to welcome all 11 month employees back to the building.  Along with all 12 month employees, we are rotating back in the building and making plans for the opening to another amazing year.  Here is what you need to know:

  • We are still limiting the number of people allowed in the building.
  • Office Hours: 7AM - 5PM, Monday through Thursday.
  • We will be putting out a schedule for teachers to come and retrieve items for successful teaching at home. 
  • Please call the main office if you are not a 12 or 11 month employee and wish to stop by.
  • 10 month employees return to work on August 19.
  • New Teacher Institute will be held on August 24 - 25.
  • We will not be doing the typical welcome back mailing for staff (Welcome back letter, schedule and rosters).  All information will be provided through email and/or the Justice Files.
  • So staff, please check your email regularly.  If you know staff members that are challenged with this task, please support them.

Jayem, let's get ready! 

We will Exceed Expectations with Excellence!

We love you and there's nothing you can do about it!

Excellence is Loading.....