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RPS Administrators Attend Trauma-Responsive Leadership Training

On Wednesday, October 30, RPS leaders including principals, assistant principals, and selected staff participated in "Creating Trauma-Responsive Schools for Leaders”, a professional development opportunity geared towards teaching school leaders how to create and maintain trauma-responsive schools.

“In alignment with Dreams4RPS, this training is a significant step for our division in ensuring that our teachers, support staff, and administrators have the skills necessary to effectively and compassionately serve all of our students who may have been impacted by trauma,” said Harry Hughes, RPS Chief of Schools. “Through a thorough understanding of trauma-responsive practices, coupled with our deep care and commitment to our students, we can work together to minimize the impact that this stress has on their lives so that they can focus their minds on learning.”

Organized by Greater Richmond SCAN, the professional development included trauma-responsive training and activities, followed by a presentation and discussion with the authors of Becoming a Trauma-Responsive School: A Guide for Virginia Principals. School leaders had the opportunity to hear directly from other school administrators about ways they have incorporated trauma-responsive practices into their schools.

“We have never had a school division prioritize this training for all of their principals,” said Margo Buchannan, SCAN’s Trauma-Informed Education Specialist. “It’s clear that creating trauma-responsive schools is a priority for RPS and we look forward to collaborating with the division to help them continue to grow in this area.”

This trauma-responsive training is guided by SAMSHA’s (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) “Four Rs”:

  1. Realize the prevalence of trauma
  2. Recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma
  3. Respond by fully integrating knowledge
  4. Resist re-traumatization

Wednesday’s training will encompass all “Four Rs” with a special emphasis on providing leaders techniques on how to respond in a trauma-responsive way.

All trainers delivering this training are members of Richmond’s Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN), which SCAN is the backbone organization for.

For more information on TICN, please visit