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Write a Letter to Support the At-Risk Add-On!

As the House and Senate work to negotiate differences between their budget proposals, we need your voice to help advocate for the best final budget possible. The next week will be the sweet spot for helping influence the conferees to adopt a budget that makes as much investment as possible in public education.

There are six Senators and seven Delegates from the Senate Finance Committees and House Appropriations Committee who have been appointed as budget conferees and will be deciding the fate of each budget issue that differs between the House and Senate. Send each of these legislators an email now to help express your support for the Senate budget proposal:


Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr.

Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.

Senator Richard L. Saslaw

Senator Stephen D. Newman

Senator Frank M. Ruff, Jr.

Senator Frank W. Wagner


Delegate S. Chris Jones

Delegate R. Steven Landes

Delegate Christopher K. Peace

Delegate Barry D. Knight

Delegate T. Scott Garrett

Delegate Luke E. Torian

Delegate Mark D. Sickles


The number one priority to communicate is supporting the Senate’s approach to funding an increase in the At-Risk Add-On program. A sample communication can be:

Subject: Support the Senate to Fund the At-Risk Add-On!

Dear Delegate/Senator [Insert Name],

Making investments in public education has never been more important and our schools need more! Support the Senate approach to funding the At-Risk Add-On program to help provide more equitable funding for the schools in our Commonwealth that need the most support. It costs 25-30% more to educate children in high-poverty areas, yet a school division like Richmond receives less funding than many wealthier localities. Invest in our at-risk schools by supporting the Senate proposal to include funding for this program.

Feel free to customize your message and discuss other budget proposals that are important to you! We need more funding in many areas and your advocacy on these issues can help make the difference!