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RPS Legislative Advocacy Budget Update - February 18, 2020 - Day 42/60

This weekend, the House and Senate released their budget proposals as they work to pass a final, two-year state budget before they adjourn in March. The two budgets modify the initial budget proposed by Governor Northam in December and will now have to be negotiated to a single budget (called a conference report) for final passage.

Both the House and the Senate budget proposals invest more into public education than what the Governor proposed. This is a step in the right direction and both chambers should be thanked for starting to make progress in fully funding our schools. But both budgets have much room for improvement and we will be advocating for the best possible compromise on these two budgets to maximize education funding over the two years of this budget.

The House and Senate now have about two weeks to negotiate a final budget. A group of legislators will be appointed as “conferees” to negotiate the details and we will share their contact information as soon as they are appointed.

See below or download this document for a further analysis of the House and Senate budgets.

What can you do today? 

Now that the House and Senate budgets have been released, it is time to thank legislators for finding more funding for public education and encourage them to pass a final budget that represents the best outcome for students. Take 5 minutes to email your legislators this week. You can find your legislator here and below is a sample email template that you can personalize before sending.

Dear Delegate/Senator ___:

I am a teacher/student/parent in Richmond Public Schools and I want to thank you for helping make public education funding a priority in the budget. It is beyond time to invest in our students and we have a lot of work left to fully fund our schools. As you work with your colleagues in the coming weeks to negotiate a final budget, please continue to prioritize public education and create the best possible outcome. The investments in the At-Risk Add-On program and teacher salaries must be maximized to ensure that the Commonwealth is sending funding to the schools that need it the most and that our teachers are supported with competitive salaries. Thank you,

Your Name

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