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A message from our Principal, Dr. Abrego-Meneses

It is an honor and pleasure to serve as the principal of E.S. H. Greene Elementary.  In collaboration with administrators, staff, parents and community/business partners, we will provide an educational environment that encourages and motivates students to become inquisitive independent learners.  Students will mature in their social, mental and emotional development, which will ultimately prepare them for the challenges, as well as the rewarding successes of adulthood.

Our number one focus continues to be “Academic Achievement”. Everyone plays a major role in helping our students to achieve; therefore, we welcome each of you to join the ESH Greene Family as we continue to achieve success. We are committed to build strong relationships with parents and community partners. Our successes are through the strong unity we form with each person who works with our students. We ask you to come to Greene School and step into a warm and caring atmosphere, feel the compassion for teaching and learning and watch the outstanding performances of our students. Come and share the rewards you will find at Greene Elementary School. We are proud to be on the winning team, and we continue to have high expectations for all students and we want you to be a part of helping our students succeed.