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2018-2019 New Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Building entry for all students will begin at 8:45 am. Please do not drop students off before this time, as supervision is not available.


 Morning Kiss & Fly:

All parents and guardians are invited to enter the building and remain with their child until 8:55 am.  For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, parents may walk them to their classroom and drop them off with a kiss.  For all students in 3rd through 5th, we are asking for parents to follow the "Kiss & Fly" guidelines.  After the second week of school, parents will not be permitted upstairs on the upper grade hallways.  We are asking for you to "kiss" your child on the bottom level, and allow them to gain independence by walking themselves to class.   


Late Arrival:

If a student is late to school by 30 minutes, they are considered tardy.  Students will be considered tardy at Linwood Holton Elementary at 9:45 am.  All tardy students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian into the front office and signed in with our attendance clerk.

  • Please note, at all times vehicles must be parked in an official parking spot and not left in the fire lane/zone (front circle area) when entering the building for any length of time.


Parent Pick-up/Car Rider Procedures:



Student drop-off will take place in the rear of the building (former bus loop).  Cars will enter in the 2nd entrance and a right turn will only be permitted for exiting the loop. 

  • Drop offs will commence at 8:45 am.
  • A staff member on duty will motion when it is time to begin dropping off students.
  • Car doors will be opened by a staff member on duty and greet each student.
  • Parents who are dropping off must remain in their vehicles at all times.
  • The next set of cars will be directed to move up and so on until all students have been dropped off.
  • Parents are not permitted to pass another vehicle while children are attempting to exit.


When picking up students in the afternoon, parents will follow the same driving procedure for entering the parking lot.

Parent pick-up is being defined as retrieving students who will ride home in vehicles.  This year, students will receive (2) vehicle car tags and a corresponding tag number.  Your child will only be placed in the vehicle with the person who has the matching car tag.  We will dismiss ALL car riders in the building to one location and by 3:45 pm students will start the dismissal process.  Students will be called from “Headquarters” based on your order of car arrival in the pick-up lane. 

  • Your numbered tag should be displayed on the passenger side of the vehicle in the front dash.
  • A monitor will radio inside with your number to “Headquarters” and your child will be dismissed soon thereafter.
  • Please remain in your vehicle once in the line (students will not be dismissed from “Headquarters” and given to “walk-up parents”).
  • The line will progress as students are placed in cars.
  • A staff member will walk each child to their vehicle once it comes to a complete stop in the line.


Walker Procedures:

We will dismiss ALL walkers in the building to the gym by 3:45 pm.  If you are the approved parent/guardian listed to pick-up the student(s), you will meet at the designated gym door, with your government issue I.D to meet your student.  Pick-up lanes will be separated into K - 2nd and 3rd – 5th.   

  • Students will not be released if you are not listed as the approved parent/guardian for pick-up or you do not have your I.D.
  • Parents with pre-approval (verification) will be issued "cards" and will not need to show their I.D.
  • Please be prompt and on-time for dismissal.


Bus Riders

The Department of Transportation will not permit children to ride on buses that they are not assigned to on a daily basis.  Bus riders will be called to a separate room based on their designated bus assignment.  Buses will leave once all students have boarded.    

Elementary parents must be at the bus stop at their designated time in order for students to be released from the bus.      


Change of Transportation Procedures:

If there is a need to change your child's transportation for the day, please put these changes in writing.  The teacher will ensure the student dismisses to the approprate location.  If the need for change occurs during the school day, please email the front office registrar Mr. Larry Goode at   


Early Dismissal Procedures:

Parents are requested to notify the school in written form of their early dismissal request.  We will not honor emails or text message as types of requests for student dismissal. Parents who need to pick up children early will need to do so before 3:00 pm so that we can keep the office and hallway areas clear at the end of the day. Also, emergency phone calls and faxed requests (with I.D.) regarding parent pick-up changes need to be received in the office before 2:45 pm

Our instructional day continues until 3:30 pm. each day, therefore, parents are discouraged from picking up their student prior to the official end of the school day. In the event that you have an occasional early appointment that requires your child to leave school prior to 3:00 pm. the parents will need to report to the office, request that their children be pulled from class, and sign their children out.

We understand emergencies happen, and this can cause last minute changes.  Please try to limit frequent last minute changes in plans as they are often confusing to children.  Frequent end of the day phone calls to the office to change your child’s dismissal plans can create confusion and can sometimes be difficult to honor.  We ask that these request be limited to emergencies only. 

Parents are asked to assist with dismissal procedures by;

  • Making certain that children are clear about dismissal plans before they enter school each morning.
  • Reinforcing that phone calls home will not be allowed to make adjustments in transportation.