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It's Winter! 

Thank you all (staff and students) for all of the work and effort you have put in already this year!

We are working hard to make sure that EVERYONE feels the love that Miles Jones has to offer.

We have just opened up our newly created Leveled Book Room to be sure that everyone will be able to enjoy learning by reading on a level that is suitable for your needs.

We LOVE making sure you have what you need and we LOVE you!

We recently had our first PBIS Event to reward those students showing positive behavior and we are already planning the event for this February!

We LOVE positive behavior and we LOVE you!

We have just finished our annual 12 Days of Reading Program that encouraged reading and using the strategies that teachers have put in place for you to be successful in your literacy.  

We also finished up our annual Winter Book Fair as well as an eFair to contine to promote reading throughout the holiday breaks.

We LOVE that you LOVE to read and we LOVE you!

Be safe, relax, and enjoy your loved ones!

2020 is going to be a great year at Miles Jones Elementary!

S. Shaw