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Weekly Parent Newsletter: 9.6.2020

Greetings LMBMS Families and Friends!

I certainly hope you're looking forward to this Tuesday as much as I am!  September 8th is the first day of school for the 2020-2021 school year...WELCOME BACK!  I imagine most of you have a lot of questions about preparation for day one, so everything below is related to just that!  

Student Technology Distribution: If you were unable to come to the school this past Friday or Saturday to pick up a computer and/or hotspot for your child, please email me at so we can arrange for you to get one Tuesday morning.  If you came and did not receive a device, but your name was added to the list, please come to the school Tuesday morning at 7:30 to pick up your device. 

Password Reset Instructions – All student Google/Chromebook accounts have been reset to a default password based on the student's name and birth date. To explain, I'll use my name and pretend I was born on January 3, 2005.

  • First initial of student's first name in lower case (Example: for me, this would be "s")
  • First initial of student's last name in UPPER case (Example: for me, this would be "G")
  • Student's date of birth using "leading zeroes" and all four digits of the birth year (Example: January 3, 2005 would be "01032005")
  • Putting it all together, the default password would be sG01032005.

Tablet Setup Assistance: Please click the following links for assistance setting up your child's tablet.

Live Chromebook/tablet and Google Classroom Assistance Tonight!:  RPS is doing live demos of how to log onto your Chromebook/tablet and Google classroom TONIGHT at 6 pm and TOMORROW at 10 am on our Facebook page. You do NOT need a Facebook account to watch.
Support Videos:  Click here or below for short instructional videos to help you get ready for this week!
Top 10 FAQs – Updated from yesterday'sS RP Direct!
1. How do I log onto my Chromebook/Tablet and Google Classroom? Click here for an instructional video. We're also doing a live demo TONIGHT at 6 pm and TOMORROW at 10 am on our Facebook page. You do NOT need to have a Facebook account to watch. 
2. How do I get to my first class? Once you log onto Google Classroom, you'll see the link to your class (for elementary school) or your first period (for middle and high school). Just click on it and off you go!
3. Where can I get tech support? If you're a student/family member, please email If you're a teacher/staff member, please email
4. What should I do if I still need a tablet or Wi-Fi hotspot? Your school will reach out to let you know when to pick up your device. Some schools have distribution events tomorrow, and some have them on Tuesday. 
5. Will I be penalized if I can't log on Tuesday morning because I don't have all my tech yet? Not at all! We know there will be some hiccups, which is why there won't be any graded assignments, tests, or new curricula the first week of school. Remember our mantra for Week 1: "Low Stress, High Grace."
6. When and where do I go to pick up meals each morning? – Click here for the times and locations.
7. Do I still need my lunch code to pick up meals? No! The federal government just changed the rules. Extra question: Can a parent/caregiver pick up the meals without their student – and can a student go without their parent/caregiver? Yes! A parent/caregiver can go on their own, and a student can go on their own.
8. If I missed my school's Learning Kit distribution, what should I do? Please contact your school to arrange another pick-up time.
9. Do I need my Learning Kit to start the year? No. It's totally fine if you pick it up during the first week of school (which is why our middle and high school pick-ups are next week).
10. I've tried getting help, but haven't gotten any answers. What should I do? Email me at!

This concludes my message for this week.  Please be sure to watch the live demonstrations about how to log into your Chromebook/table and Google Classroom this evening at 6:00 on the RPS Facebook page.  Happy Labor Day, and I look forward to seeing all students virtually September 8th!

Dr. Stacy Gaines