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Weekly Parent Newsletter: 9.13.20

reetings LMBMS Families and Friends!

We survived our first week of virtual learning!  Hats off to all of our students, parents and teachers...we couldn't have done this without you!  Thank you for your patience and grace as we continue to plow through glitches, technical issues and more!  I'm also grateful for the shout-outs, kind words of encouragement and highlighting the areas that need our attention.  Please continue to let us know what's on your hearts and minds!  In the meantime, keep reading for this week's new  announcements.

School Office Hours and Contacts: There is someone available at our school Monday-Friday, from 9:00-4:00 to answer questions, collect paperwork and accept deliveries; however, we encourage everyone to communicate with us via email and/or phone to limit interaction and maintain safety.  For assistance, please email or dial the following:

Main Office: 804-319-3013 (answered by Ms. Spence or Ms. Farley)

8th Grade Counselor, Ms. Mayo: | 804-621-2868

7th Grade Counselor, Ms. Coles: | 804-601-8027

6th Grade Counselor, Ms. Henderson: | 804-728-0069

IB Coordinator, Ms. Cady: | 804-286-2340

Compliance Coordinator, Mr. Scott: | 804-569-5909

Assistant Principal (6th), Ms. Varljen: | 804-592-0656

Assistant Principal (7th), Ms. Douglas-Jackson: | 804-372-5415

Principal (8th), Dr. Gaines: | 804-415-8325

If you need to fax something to the school, please dial: 804-319-3009 or 804-230-4717

Student Tablets: We are expecting a new shipment of student tablets this week!  Please visit our website daily for new distribution dates and times!

Student Kits: Student kits will be available for pick up on Mondays from 11:30am-3:00pm and Tuesdays from 7:30am-noon only. 

Schedule Change Requests: The deadline to request a schedule change is Friday, September 18th.  To request a change, please specify the course(s) you would like to DROP and ADD by emailing your counselor by the deadline:

8th Grade Counselor, Ms. Mayo: 

7th Grade Counselor, Ms. Coles: 

6th Grade Counselor, Ms. Henderson: 

Disclaimer--Not all schedule changes will be granted, as they are based on class availability.

NextUp RVA Online Classes: Check out live, online enrichment classes led by area program providers that are available to RPS middle school students at no cost! To learn more and to register, click here! 

Technical Assistance: Students who have technical issues are encouraged to email  The Technology Services team will addrss issues remotely as much as possible.  When you email the Help Desk, please include the student's name, school, date of birth, and student ID number (if you have it).  This will help speed things up tremendously.  

You may also watch this tutorial and review the accompanying slide deck from Instructional Technology Resource Teachers.
For issues that require hands-on support, a mobile help desk will be available throughout the community based on the  schedule below.  
Help Desk Hours  Help Desk Hours in Spanish

LMBMS On-site Tech Support: Need Chromebook Assistance?  LMBMS will offer our students on-site technical support Come to the school Mondays from 2-4pm and Wednesdays from 8-12pm in the front foyer at Lucille Brown.  Students and parents may come for technology help with Chromebooks. 

This concludes my message for this week.  Again, thank you for helping us have a largely successful first week.  Remember, we are here to serve you.  Students, we love you..even from a distance.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

Dr. Stacy Gaines