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Parents of 8th grade students,

The State of Virginia Code (SOA 8VAC20-131-9) states: “Each school shall provide instruction in art, music, world language, physical education and health, and career and technical exploration and shall require students to participate in a program of physical fitness during the regular school year in accordance with the guidelines established by the board.”  While all 8th graders have the option to enroll in Health/PE, they can choose instead to take other electives that align to their interests.  Any 8th grade student who is not taking a physical education and health class must participate in a “program of physical fitness.”

There are lots of ways students can participate in physical activity--through before and after-school programs, such as intramurals, clubs, dance programs, community sports programs, and interscholastic athletics. There are also independent/individual opportunities, such as walking or bike riding outside of the school day, participating in a physical activity with a parent/caregiver, taking individual lessons in activities such as ballet, or even going to the gym on a regular basis.

Eighth graders must complete 150 minutes per week of physical activity on average during the school year.  If your 8th grade student is not enrolled physical education, then her or she must partake in an alternative 8th grade PE and will be required to complete this form on a weekly basis for the entire 2020-2021 school year. Students are required to document their activities, and submit this information to the school on a weekly basis. The School Counselor will set up Marking Period virtual meetings with students to check in on the students completion of this course. This form is to be completed each Friday, beginning the first week of school. Students who do not complete this, while receive an incomplete on their report cards.

  1. If your child is NOT currently enrolled in PE, please click here to let us know your child's plans for the remainder of the school year.
  2. If your child plans to complete an alternative to 8th grade PE, please use this form to document your child's weekly activities.