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2019 RPS and LMBMS SOL Testing Protocols and Reminders

Lucille M. Brown Middle School

2018-2019 Testing Norms and Expectations


  1. All students will be instructed to turn off their phones and SMART watches. Teachers will then collect these items and place them in a Ziploc bag.  All devices will be returned once testing is complete.


  1. Students will not be allowed to read any books (or other literature) or have their phones or SMART watches while in the testing site. These items are strictly prohibited during testing.


  1. Students will not be allowed to have blankets during testing.


  1. Students are expected to adhere to Richmond Public Schools dress code policy during testing.


  1. In the event of a health related emergency, the nurse will be called and sent over to assist.


  1. Testing classrooms must remain quiet. Students may not talk, listen to music, or otherwise communicate during a testing session….whether they have finished testing or not.


  1. Students are NOT allowed to play online games or engage in frivolous activities after they have finished testing.


  1. The testing environment should remain conducive to concentration for every student, right down to the last test taker.


Richmond Public Schools SOL Testing Security Statements


The following statements will be read to students prior to receiving the SOL test administration instructions from the examiner’s manual.  Statement addressing Virginia Department of Educations’ Test Implementation Manual, Section 4.42—Cell Phone and other electronic devices:


Statement 1:  Before we begin testing we need to review the school division policy on the possession of cell phones and other devises during SOL testing.  

Any cell phones or other electronic devices with camera features, text messaging functions, voice-activated recording capabilities, or Internet access must be turned off and placed on this table at the front of the room OR must be placed in an area away from your work area (such as pockets, desktops, purses and backpacks stored within reach, etc.).

 You will not be allowed to test until the device(s) are secured.  If you are observed having a device(s), or if one of these devices belonging to you goes off during testing, your test materials will be collected, you will be dismissed from the test session, and your test will not be scored.

Section 4.4.2—Unauthorized materials

Statement 2:  During this test administrations, you may have access to only those materials permitted for testing, which will be provided by me, the Examiner.  You are not permitted to have in your possession or access to other unauthorized materials.  Such materials include but are not limited to: formula cards, class notes, course content review materials, test taking strategy reminders, notes, text books and other curriculum materials, “cheat sheets,” unauthorized calculators and formula sheets, extra highlighters, or non-school issued scratch paper.

 Section 4.4.3—Pre-testing statement regarding cheating

Statement 3:  If you are found to have any unauthorized materials on your person, caught viewing or copying test items/responses from another student’s answer document or computer, logging into another student’s computer, divulging or coaching other students regarding secure test content, these actions and behaviors may be considered cheating and will result in your dismissal from the test session and your test receiving a score of zero.