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Beginning of Year Principal's Message

“I am King”

I hope your summer vacation was filled with relaxation, adventure, good health, and time spent with loved ones. Being able to hit the reset button is a necessary component of the immense work that you do.

I am excited to start my third year as the Principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, home of the mighty Titans! This school year we have 2 themes: “Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, where education is King” and “I am King”. I want our students and staff to believe in our infinite possibilities. This year will be full of opportunities for our students and staff. We will continue to embrace the various programs in our building: University of Richmond Art Integration Initiative, PBIS, and Restorative Justice. Our students and teachers will benefit from all of these programs, which will enhance their total learning experience and improve the climate and culture of the building.

During the 2019 - 2020 School Year, we will focus on improving instructional delivery of the content and the learning environment. The instructional delivery needs to be engaging for students, this isn’t worksheet driven. Students need to be engaged at all levels of learning: auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, visual, and taste. Student lessons need inquiry in order for them to become critical thinkers.   Our vision for this school year is to build positive student and staff relationships, provide a nurturing learning environment, meet our students where they are academically, use data to drive the instruction, and be deliberate and accurate with all decision making.

The SOLs will continue to shape the narrative for our school. However, that should not be the only thing that shapes our narrative. Our students are so much more than a test score. Our students are growing flowers that need to be cultivated, so we can reap the harvest. We must celebrate the small wins because the small wins will build into big wins. Our students deserve the best teachers, which you are and the best instruction, which you can provide.

While maintaining the implementation of the initiatives already in place, this year the enrichment period is in 4th period. Data collection and analysis will continue to drive instruction. This will be a major focus point this year. Data meetings will be after school this year, to allow more in-depth analysis and rich discussion. There will be professional development sessions around this initiative throughout the school year.

I anticipate major academic growth this school year, but it is going to take all of us doing our part to make it happen. We will continue to improve our SOL scores and move toward full accreditation. I know we can meet these goals, because we have the teachers and staff, who believe in our students, “We are King!”

In closing, I want to let you know that I respect and appreciate you as an educator. I appreciate everything you have done and will do for the students of MLK. You will determine whether the school moves in the right direction. I am just the facilitator. I know you will be innovative and adventurous delivering the instruction. Also, challenge your students to think outside of the box, move outside of their safety zone. The administration will continue to provide human capacity to support your ability to move the school forward.

This will be a great year at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.


Mrs. Inett Dabney