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I am Greg Muzik (Pronounced like music).  I have been principal at Munford since 1994 and with RPS since 1971.  I have seen many changes in the division and school over these years.  There are children who were at Munford in 1994 who have returned as Munford parents over the last few years.  I live in the neighborhood, and you may see me walking to and from school, cutting my grass on a weekend or giving out candy to your children on Halloween.   I have lived in Richmond since 1969 and grew up in DC and Arlington, Va.    My family has a farm near Winchester,  and I try to spend time up there when I can.    When I was  young, we had an apple orchard, but the farm is now a nice vacation spot for my family with a few fields of hay and mostly forested land.   A great place to hike, fish or sit by a nice fire and drink coffee or play music.    

Education has always been  about change, growth, and development.   There is so much that is happening in our schools today.  There is the creative use of technology.  A focus on the development of “21st century learning”,  Project-based Learning and opportunities to learn in new and exciting ways.  Your child will learn to collaborate, communicate, think creatively and critically, and they will develop a strong sense of character.  All of these traits come from our commitment to our values, beliefs and mission and can only occur when school and home are working closely together. While all our educational outcomes are great at Munford,  how children live, love and treat themselves and each other are more important than academic outcomes.  We agree with Mr. Rogers, and his beloved quote from The Little Prince, “What’s essential is rarely visible to the eye. (L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux)”. 

Our amazingly talented and appreciated PTA  welcomes your support and provides many  volunteer opportunities and offers  exciting events, enrichment  and programs. Our PTA supports our common goals of nurturing responsible, caring students and promoting high-level learning.  We hope that you become an active member of this important school organization. It will strengthen your understanding of your child’s school while providing you with a network of friends and supporters for years to come.

Our skilled and devoted staff are committed to making a difference. They want to have a positive impact on your child and above all, they want to provide them with an engaging and joyful learning experience that supports them in becoming independent learners.  Our teachers are always working to get better at what they do through personal self-development and participation in a wide variety of professional development actives.  They model life-long learning for our students and never settle for giving anything less than their best!

Great schools always come back to the relationship between the child and the teacher. Be sure and find ways to engage yourself in school life – your child will notice and respond. I want to say “thank you” to our incredible staff for their amazing professionalism and incredible energy and their commitment to ensuring that Munford remains the finest school in the Galaxy.