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Principal Gilstrap

Welcome to Huguenot High School, home of the Mighty, Mighty Falcons. Huguenot is the largest school in Richmond Public Schools; our comprehensive high school supports over 1200 students. HHS supports one of the largest ESL programs south of the James River. We are a thriving and welcoming community of learners and there has been a strong attraction to the quality programs and newly constructed campus over the past few years. 

At Huguenot, all students are groomed, through an environment of reinforcement and tenacity within a culture of autonomy, to successfully complete college or excel in a trade to ultimately flourish in a 21st century society. Our learners have a proud history and bright future beyond high school.  Daily we celebrate our beauty inside and out to remind us of the value in all people.  Our Falcons are eager to make their mark upon this school, city, and state.  This year we are determined to extend our influence and reputation beyond our campus walls.

Please partner with is in making this school year the most impactful and meaningful year in all our students lives.  Reach out to us if we can assist you or your child.  Our aim is to have meaningful relationships with all our students and families.

~Principal Gilstrap