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RPS Enhances Efforts to Improve On-Time Graduation Rate

RICHMOND, Va. – A report on the cohort data for the class of 2017 released today by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) reflects the On-Time Graduation Rate for Richmond Public Schools at 76.6% and a 17.08% dropout rate. The Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate conveys the percentage of students in a cohort who earned a Board of Education-approved diploma within four years of entering high school for the first time. Percentages are based on longitudinal student-level data and account for student mobility and matriculation patterns.

“We are disappointed that our On-Time Graduation Rate did not continue in an upward trend and our dropout rate increased for this cohort group,” said Interim Superintendent Thomas Kranz. “This data is not a reflection of the capabilities of our students and staff. It is critical that we all work collaboratively to ensure that each of our students reaches their highest academic potential and graduates from a fully-accredited high school. As we continue our work with VDOE, our expectation is that with their support we will be successful in achieving our ultimate goal of 100% On-time Graduation Rate. We are committed to increasing our OnTime Graduation Rate by 5 percent and lowering our dropout rate for this school year.”

Despite the dip in the cohort data, some RPS high schools experienced increases in On-Time Graduation Rates as reflected in the VDOE’s 2016-2017 On-Time Graduation Rates Summary report:

• Armstrong High School – 80.8% On-Time Graduation Rate (4 percent increase)

• Franklin Military Academy – 100% On-Time Graduation Rate (2 percent increase)

• John Marshall High School – 90.1% On-Time Graduation Rate (1 percent increase)

• Richmond Community High School – 100% On-Time Graduation Rate

“We are pleased with the success that some of our high schools are demonstrating with their graduation rates, however we recognize that there is still a lot more work that needs to be done to ensure that our students are competitive with their peers across the state and beyond,” said School Board Chair Dawn Page. “I am confident that our team can achieve this and our work with VDOE will help to lead these efforts.”

The corrective action plan that RPS is developing per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with VDOE will include strategies to increase its On-Time Graduation rate and decrease its dropout rate. For specific results by school division and schools, visit the Virginia Department of Education’s website.