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Amazon Donation Helps Advance STEM Education at Broad Rock Elementary School

Richmond, Va. – In honor of National STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Day on November 8, Amazon donated over $10,000 in laptops and STEM resources to Broad Rock Elementary School as part of an initiative to increase access to hands-on STEM learning for elementary students.

RPS students playing an activity “We are extremely grateful to Amazon for the generous donation of computers and STEM equipment,” said Broad Rock’s Principal, Teya Green. “We will encourage students to develop a passion for STEM by exposing and engaging our students to computers and a wealth of STEM resources.  We hope to continue to nurture this relationship between Amazon and Broad Rock Elementary in the future.”  

Amazon employees helping RPS students with an activity In an event attended by Senator Rosalyn Dance and Delegate Delores McQuinn, Amazon associates delivered the donation and participated in interactive learning activities with first grade students. The students were thrilled to engage with the materials right away, showing off their coding skills with Go Robot Mouse and other STEM activities.

“Our first graders are working on coding as we speak,” said Machelle Johnson, Gifted and Talented Teacher at Broad Rock Elementary School. “People sometimes think that the younger minds don’t understand coding, but they catch on to technology faster than most adults, so having access to STEM materials and resources is critical at this age.”

Amazon employees giving high fives to RPS students The donation to Broad Rock Elementary School was part of Amazon’s National STEM Day celebrations, where the online retailer will surprise more than 10 programs across the country with more than $150,000 in funding to support hands-on education in the classroom.

“Amazon is fueled by innovation and technology,” said Carolyn Cade, Director of Operations at Amazon’s Chester fulfillment center. “We continue to invest in STEM education so that we’re inspiring the innovators of tomorrow.”