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Southampton Spotlights and Sunshine

We are spotlighting two of our dynamic Southampton Teachers for all of the work they are for our school community.   Here are some special shout outs from Superintendent Kamras.  Just can't hide that Southampton Pride!


  • I just want to send a special shout out to Southampton Elementary!!! I have been working with my boys at home everyday and I must first say thank you to all the teachers that put so much time, energy, and passion into this all year long. I always knew my boys had two of the best teachers in VA (Mrs. Kielty and Mrs. Herndon) but I hadn’t recognized how much the boys had learned. Both of my boys are soaring at home but I know it’s because of what they got while in school...The boys and I can’t wait to get back to school so they can see all their friends and all the lovely staff. We miss you guys and just can’t say thank you enough!!!!! TIGER PRIDE!!!!!!!!



 We hope that everyone is staying safe and well during this time. Don't forget to wear your mask!  We would like to leave you with a little sunshine.  


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