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Woodville Elementary Faculty and Staff:

Welcome back from the winter break and to the New Year.  I hope everyone had a restful winter break and an enjoyable time off.  I hope that winter break provided an opportunity to connect with family and recharge for the New Year and is proving to be the start of a great year.

The start of school, after a significant break, always provides a good opportunity to re-establish a focus on learning.  As we progress toward the latter portion of our school year, let us all work together to support student achievement.  Thus far, there has been five months of great instruction and learning experiences that have resulted in the start of student academic success.  As we move through the remainder of this school year, let us remain vigilant to ensure student academic success as we make sure that student attendance remains a priority.  Every day that students attend school, represents another opportunity to ensure their academic success.  Thank you parents for making sure that they have this opportunity to succeed. 

These months have also provided a platform for students to exhibit kindness.  Our students are doing a great job understanding the point of view of a peer and making active listening of their peers a priority in order be able to determine a solution or a compromise to a situation.  We have worked hard to promote a school-wide culture of kindness.   Let’s continue our efforts as a joint venture to make sure that kindness is an active part of our students’ daily actions.  Parents below are a few discussion points to help you extend the conversation about kindness at home:

  • Tell me about a time when someone was kind to you. How did it make you feel?
  • What do you think kindness means and why is it important?
  • Who is someone in your class you can be kind to? How?
  • What are ways you can be kind to people at home, at school, and in the community?

Research shows that it is important to teach kindness because it:

Increases happiness, empathy, and optimism;

  1. Improves physical and mental health;
  2. Increases peer acceptance;
  3. Reduces bullying and anti-social behavior; and
  4. Improves concentration and academic results.

Acts of kindness can benefit the person sharing kindness, the recipients, and anyone associated.

Together, let’s make the remainder of this school year a year enveloped with academic success and acts of kindness.

Very ​Respectfully,

Shannon M. Washington

Proud Principal