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Open Enrollment & Speciality Schools Website Information

Specialty School and Open Enrollment

Specialty Schools will open on December 16, 2019, and close on January 24, 2020.  Our new portal for SS/OE applications will be provided by Smart Choice Technologies:  Smart Choice currently services Houston Public Schools, Nashville Public Schools, Durham, Atlanta.... and Richmond Public Schools.  The features they provide will make your application process much easier.  Smart Choice will also provide equity and access for our students to apply to the SS-OE programs.  A few highlighted features are:

  • Applications are available in 80 languages

  • Notifications to parents may come through email or text

  • Recommendations will be sent electronically to teachers and submitted by the teachers to the portal

  • Parents can schedule their children's appointments and interviews online

  • Letter builder will be able to customize your status responses and the notifications to be sent out 

  • How to apply videos will be posted on the RPS website in English and Spanish

  • Testimonials: