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Principal David Hudson

What a great school year already!  We are still moving from good to great and we are proud to be fully accredited again for the 2019-2020 school year!

Please be sure to have your child(ren) in school and on time daily. If your child is absent, make sure to call the school and let us know as well as send a note the day the child returns. . If students are absent more than the state allows, you will be required to come to a meeting with the School Attendance Committee so please make sure a doctor's note is provided when your child is absent.  

Each parent is requested to sit down with his or her child and discuss appropriate school and bus behavior. Please review the Richmond Public Schools Student Code of Conduct and Franklin Military Academy School-Wide Discipline Plan. 

If you have not received your ASPEN log in, please contact the school so you can make sure you are always aware of your child's progress.  

Parents and guardians, it is essential to participate and become an active PTSA member! We hope you will get involved. Together, we can make a positive difference!

If you have a concern at any time, please call or stop by the school. Let us continue to make this an excellent year for our school!

Thanks for allowing me to serve as your child's principal.

David A. Hudson

Principal, Franklin Military Academy