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City Announces Mayor's Award for Voter Registration in RPS High Schools


RICHMOND, Va. – The City of Richmond and Richmond Public Schools have announced an initiative aimed at ensuring all eligible students attending high schools in the city are registered to vote. The initiative is in partnership with Inspire U.S., whose mission is to transform young leaders' inspiration into action that improves our communities and strengthens our democracy.

Schools will receive the award if 65% of eligible seniors are registered to vote. Students will be able to engage with their peers in a meaningful way that will encourage civic participation within their schools, communities, and in the Commonwealth at large.

Inspire U.S. is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 that develops high school students into civic leaders through peer-to-peer voter registration, voter education, and get out the vote efforts within their schools. In the past three years, Inspire has registered over 30,000 high school students in various states across the country.

“This initiative is an easy way to ensure that our high school students are active and engaged members of our communities,” Mayor Stoney said. “We look forward to partnering with Inspire U.S. to register all of our eligible students.”

“I am excited to continue working with administrators, teachers, and students at Richmond high schools,” Inspire’s Ian Baxter said. “This award is a great way to distinguish schools that go above and beyond to involve their students in the political process.” 

“In following the 2016-2017 Governor’s challenge and having two Richmond schools win (Franklin Military and Open High School), this new opportunity for our students is sure to help invigorate their sense of citizenship and their desire to be civically engaged,” said Ma’asehyahu Isra-Ul, RPS K-12 Instructional Specialist for History/Social Science.

The initiative began February 1 and continues through May 21.

Contacts for More Information:

RPS – Ma’asehyahu Isra-Ul,, 780.7765

Inspire US – Ian Baxter,, 617.9900