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I am excited to continue the year as the interim principal of Open High. We will all miss Candace who has been and will continue to be Open’s greatest champion. Under her leadership, we have continued to strengthen our academic program while being true to our traditions. She has been a mentor to me and so many others. Happily her new role will benefit even more Richmond public school students, and Open too will benefit from her continued guidance in her new role.  

I plan to sustain and build upon our solid foundation to support student learning. My official start date is November 18th, but I am already working to ensure a smooth transition. Fortunately I work with a great team of dedicated educators who are responsive to the needs of students and are guided by our mission to develop responsible, creative, independent, and compassionate students. We will continue to pursue excellence as we always have. 

As your interim principal, I seek to serve the entire community--students, parents, teachers, and staff--and I welcome your feedback on how we are doing and how we can improve. My plan is to submit my application as a candidate for the permanent principal position, and I hope to earn your trust and support. Please contact me for any reason at 780-4661 or