RPS Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (Formerly Known As Material Safety Data Sheets) were created to give Employers and Employees comprehensive information about a substance or mixture used in the workplace . The SDS's listed on this web page pertain to all of the cleaning products used in Richmond Public Schools Facilities. The SDS should be referred to in the event of a accidental spill or injury from using any listed cleaning product. The SDS's explain how to treat a injured person in a emergency situation.

All SDS's follow the same 16 heading criteria as listed,

1.     Identification

2.     Hazard(s) identification

3.     Composition/information on ingredients

4.     First-aid measures

5.     Fire-fighting measures

6.     Accidental release measures

7.     Handling and Storage

8.     Exposure controls/personal protection

9.     Physical and chemical properties

10.   Stability and reactivity

11.   Toxicological information

12.   Ecological information

13.   Disposal considerations

14.   Transport information

15.   Regulatory information

16.   Other information

RPS Safety Data Sheets.pdf, 10.57 MB; (Last Modified on May 4, 2018)