Binford Middle School- Pride of the Fan!

Welcome to the Binford Middle School website!    

We are Binford Middle School- The Pride of the Fan.  Every day we welcome students from across the city to do the most important work in our society- educating the future.  We approach this work with serious intention of preparing the children of Richmond to think critically, to think independently and to think empathetically.  It's a tall order for any middle school but at Binford we have the best staff of RPS and I believe in their ability to make great things happen for our students.  

Speaking of making great things happen, the 2016-2017 school year marks the second year of the implementation of our arts integration instructional model. Staff, parents and students feel that's what sets our school apart.  Arts integration is a way teaching and learning content from a core class partnered up with an art form. Students don't have to be 'artists' to benefit from arts integration and they don't always use visual arts.  We have full time staff of arts instructors that include visual arts, band, orchestra, choir, drama, and dance that not only offer elective courses but frequently partner with core teaching staff.  See the arts integration page for more information. 

I hope that you can use the information found within the pages of this website to familiarize yourself with our school and get some answers to some of your questions.  Content will be updated at least quarterly or as often as needed so please check back for updates. 

If you'd like to learn more please give us a call, follow us on social media or send an email.  

Resilience.  Pride.  Success.  We are RPS