Welcome to Huguenot High School, home of the Mighty, Mighty Falcons.

Huguenot is the largest school in Richmond Public Schools.  This comprehensive high school supports over 1700 students.  HHS is the hub of the division’s ESL program south of the James River.  With tremendous growth this year Huguenot has moved from the 2nd largest high school Hispanic population to the largest in the Richmond metro area.

There has been strong attraction to the quality programs and newly constructed campus which supports the largest campus in Richmond City. 

At Huguenot, all students are groomed, through an environment of reinforcement and tenacity within a culture of autonomy, to successfully complete college or excel in a trade to ultimately flourish in a 21st century society.

Huguenot High School exists to provide for every student the skills and supports necessary to succeed at the next level. At Huguenot High School, our goal is to remain committed to student learning, achievement and career development through high quality instruction, mentoring, learning and student engagement in a culture that fosters leadership, diversity and collaboration in every classroom, for every student, every day.

The mission statement focuses on our responsibility to provide all students with access to a rigorous academic environment that will allow their pursuit to achieve educational opportunities beyond the secondary school level. Supported by the building leadership, the faculty and staff work to equip students with the skills necessary to become productive citizens in a global society. The offering of the Advanced Placement curriculum and post-secondary opportunities helps to ensure that our students are provided course work that is rigorous and relevant. Huguenot High School’s administration and staff are working with parents and community in meeting and exceeding the goals of the mission statement. This accomplishment will come with continuous meetings and dialogue with all stakeholders involved.

Huguenot’s vision for the students is to see all the students exceed to a level of excellence. Teachers and staff focus on providing the best learning environment for preparing their students to be 21st century learners in a challenging global society. Every opportunity is provided by teachers and staff to maximize the talents and abilities of all the students; therefore, fewer failures at the end of each marking period.

The school’s goals include preparing students to be proficient in all areas. Student success is measured by student performance on various required assessments. The curriculum ensures there are clear and measureable expectations for student learning. Students’ performance on the Standards of Learning* is one measurable device for how successful we are in meeting our goals for the students.

Our goal includes having an increase of students take and complete the Advanced Placement courses and assessments, increase the on the on time graduation rate, decrease the dropout rate, increase in the graduation completer index, and increase in the amount of scholarship monies awarded to students.

Please partner with us in striving to attain these and many more goals for our future leaders.


Robert Gilstrap, Principal