February Message

Parents and Community Stakeholders,

We have an eventful month ahead of us as we approach our 100th day of school and recognize Black History Month! We also have our Chimborazo Winter Dance upcoming, and we hope everyone has an opportunity to attend this amazing event as we celebrate with food, dancing, and games. If you are looking for a way to be involved in the school that will benefit Chimborazo, and your child’s education, then the dance would be a great start. We also have numerous events still planned as the year continues. If you'd like to hear more about how you can become involved, the PTA is meeting next week, the 6th, at 5:15 pm.

Academically, we have just completed our mid-year assessments in language arts and math to see how much progress our students have made. We will use these results to provide remediation and enrichment as we begin our second semester. We encourage you to send your child, if in grades 3 through 5, to attend tutoring during the week or on Saturday. Additionally, please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions as to how you can support your child at home and at school. Report cards will be distributed this week. Please read through the comments and grades. This information will give you an idea of the progress your child is making. Our teachers will also be conducting goal conferences with our students as we we continue to chart the course for great readers and leaders.

Lastly, learning is not only occurring during our school day but, as alluded to earlier, has extended after school and during Saturdays as well as we work to enrich and strengthen our students educational experiences. Extended day tutoring is taking place to prepare our students for state-wide tests in May. Saturday Academy is helping to support our students as well in the areas of math, science, and language arts. Chess club and 24 club have helped develop our students skills and cognitive abilities. This month, as we continuously support and promote our students leading healthy lifestyles, we will begin a run club that is facilitated by Mrs. Daniels of Fit4kids. Blue Sky will continue working with classes to more readily enable them to make scientific connections between the classroom and the real-world as our students develop an understanding of how the world works and the community we live in. I encourage you, as we monitor and support the progress and achievements of our students at Chimborazo, to attend the Superintendent's State of the Schools address Tuesday, February 5th, at 6 pm. The speech will be held at Martin Luther King Middle School as Mr. Kamras updates all stakeholders on where we are as a school district and where we are headed. As always, thank you for the support of our students, staff, and school as we continue to ensure our children leave the building a little bit smarter than how they come in everyday.


David T. Peck

Principal of the Mighty Chimborazo Jaguars