Thank You for Your Continued Support

Parents and Community Stakeholders,

First, I would like to thank all of the parents and community members for your overwhelming support as I complete my third year as principal at Chimborazo. No one individual is responsible for our school's accomplishments, and I appreciate your ongoing support. Collectively, we will continue to enhance areas where we are thriving and build and refine the areas in which additional support and attention are needed. We will soon be completing SOL testing in grades 3 through 5 with the exception of those who qualified to retake a respective test (375-399 on the initial test). In grades PK-3rd, Phonological and Literacy Screenings are complete and we are in the process of completing Developmental Reading Assessments to determine students' reading levels. As the year comes to a close, we will continue to educate your students until the very last day of school. Although a necessity, the staff and I do our best to minimize the effects of testing on everyday evolutions at Chimborazo. The results are simply a latent function of the instructional practices and hard work exhibited by our students and teachers. We will be celebrating the culmination of this hard work during our moving on ceremonies for our VPI and 5th grade students as they begin the next chapters in their academic endeavors. I am extremely proud of all of the students who have given maximum effort academically and in exhibiting our IB attitudes throughout the school year. We will be have summer school here at Chimborazo to support students in preventing the 'summer slide' in the areas of reading and math, and please continue to provide enrichment activities over the summer to ensure students come back more readily prepared for the next grade level. We will also host a 'Prevent the Summer Slide BBQ' on the 12th of this month where you will have an opportunity to receive work and information to ensure your child stays engaged in learning. They should finish each day being a little bit smarter then how they started it. Thank you again for your continued support. The next newsletter will be sent in late August before we begin the 2019-2020 school year and will outline our goals, new staff members, and a multitude of tangible information to ensure a successful and productive school year.


David T. Peck


Principal of the Mighty Chimborazo Jaguars