Welcome to John B. Cary Elementary School, Home of the Cougars!

Welcome to John B. Cary Elementary School, Home of the Cougars! I think that we all can agree that the legacy of our school has been actualized through hard work, dedication and a keen eye on multiple sources of student data. With the type of success that we have had in the past, I have no doubt that this years’ theme “On the WRITE track” will include many celebrations of student achievement.

 So, why focus on writing? Researchers far and wide all agree that there are five (5) reasons why students should write daily.

  1. Writing improves the students reading ability.
  2. Writing improves the students’ ability to think about their own thinking.
  3. Writing helps teachers to know what the student knows.
  4. Writing encourages imagination.
  5. Writing improves the students’ ability to advocate for themselves.

Further, our vision for our students leads them to being college and/or career ready. Writing is a huge part of upward mobility and college success. College students are expected to write essays and dissertations as they advance through their coursework. Some of these writing assignments will take place in response to blogs, newspaper editorials, etc. Regardless of the format, students must make their thinking visible through writing. Join us on the WRITE track as we ensure writing throughout the curriculum.

Also, know that our school website is a place where you can get up to the minute information about your child. You can search district level updates, grade level newsletters, and view information about upcoming events at our school. In addition, please sign up for the class Dojo with your child’s teacher for information pertaining to assignments, daily assessments and much more. Communication between home and school is highly valued at Cary Elementary School.

Education is one of the best legacies that you can give your child. At our school we are here to support you in this endeavor. Towards that end we realize that every student is unique. We embrace diversity and celebrate the whole child. But, what does educating the whole child look like?

  • Each student is growing up healthy
  • Each student is safe
  • Each student is engaged in meaningful learning
  • Each student is supported by caring adults
  • Each student is challenged daily 

We recognize successful young people must be well-rounded and prepared to meet the challenges of growing up in the 21st century. The two most important words in education are relationship and connection. It is when children have a sense of belonging and a sense of trust that authentic teaching and learning takes place.

Further, our STEAM (Science Technology Engineering the Arts and Mathematics) focus inspires the next generation of STEAM-literate citizens and leaders by igniting and sustaining their passion for lifelong project-based learning in an experiential educational environment that empowers, excites, and establishes connections with an ever evolving world.

Again, welcome to the home of Cougar Nation! It is my pleasure to serve as a curator of your child’s dreams and aspirations during these early stages of cognition. Please visit our website often. Here you will find relative steps we are taking to place our students On the WRITE track!

Yours in Service,

Michael Powell