J.L. Francis celebrates success with their 100 Book Challenge

Posted by Cordell Watkins, Assistant Principal on 5/21/2018

J.L. Francis Elementary visited PBRVA on Monday, May 21. The restaurant is slated to open to the public this weekend, but first they wanted to congratulate the first 50 students from Francis that have read over 100 books this school year. Students were rewarded with a tour and free pizza! The students from Francis were the first people to see the new restaurant and try the food!! 
The 100 Book Challenge is an independent reading program that includes a corresponding Reading Log. The program helps to maximize the effectiveness of our school’s reading curriculum. We believe the 100 Book Challenge allows students to grow exponentially by allowing choice while still having high expectations. Independent reading is a critical component of a high quality reading curriculum! 
We hope to see you there!!