Holton's Garden

What will happen to Holton's Garden?

Our long term garden supervisor, Susanna Raffenot, will be leaving Holton this year- as her youngest is moving up from 5th grade. Many don't know that Susanna has been the one solely responsible for securing funding for our gardens every year- which has been no small feat. Because this position is now vacant, the PTA and Garden Committee met and decided to scale back our garden expenses.  Mrs. Kate (a.k.a "The Holton Plant Lady") will be working reduced hours in the 21-22 school year and focusing only on the beds by the Hudson House.  Even after COVID, we have enough to get by next year, but know that this is only a short term solution.

Right now, our main priority is to help our sweet little gardens stay afloat- AND to ensure that Mrs. Kate can continue the work she's so passionate about doing with our students. 

We have not had many fundraisers this year, as we know it's been anything but normal. Having said that, we feel that the Holton Gardens have deeply enriched the lives of our students- and that of the the community- so we are asking if you would consider making a contribution as the end of the year approaches.  This will help us get back on our feet in the Fall (yes, we're still planning to host a Harvest Festival this November!) and buy us a little more time to find someone who can follow in Susanna's footsteps. 

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