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Family Checklist & FAQs

First page of the PDF file: FamilyEngagementChecklist_FINAL_English-Spanish

Download the 2023-24 Family Checklist here in English and Spanish

Family Checklist

Fall Enrollment


Do I know my student’s current zoned school?

Is my 5-year old enrolled in kindergarten?

Is my 3 or 4-year old enrolled in RPS Preschool?


Visit and enter your address to verify your current zone school.

Visit to enroll for kindergarten and preschool. 

Email with any questions.

Revised 2022-23 Bell Schedule & Calendar


Am I aware of the updated 2022-23 calendar changes?

Am I aware of the new Preschool bell schedule?



See the 2022-23 bell schedule at and the updated school calendar at 


Bus Stops Do I know where my bus stop is? Bus stops will be posted online by August 20, 2022 at


Division and School Communication



Am I signed up for Remind, the division’s texting application?

How do I find my student’s school website?

Am I subscribed to RPS Direct, the Superintendent’s daily email?

Do I follow RPS on social media?

Is my current address, phone number, and email updated with my student’s school?



Download the Remind app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Learn more at

Visit and click on:

‘Our Schools’ to access each school website and each principal’s contact information

Subscribe to RPS Direct by visiting

‘Stay Connected’ social media icons on the bottom of the homepage to follow us!

Contact your student’s school to update your contact information. 



Welcome Center & English Learner Support



Do I need translation/interpretation services, school enrollment support, or English proficiency screening for English Learner (EL) eligibility?

My student needs English language support. What supports are available? Who do I contact?


Call 804-230-2980 or 804-780-6195, option 2.

Visit for English Learner support.

To access an interpreter, look for the phone number following “For Interpretation:” at the bottom of your school’s website.


Exceptional Education Academic Support



My student has an IEP. What supports are available? Who do I contact to schedule an IEP meeting or set up services?


Contact the Instructional and Compliance Coordinator at your student’s school at

More contacts at



Housing Assistance



Do I need support or additional resources for housing?




Call the Center for Families in Transition at 804-780-6288 or visit



Family Support Line & Community Resources



What if I have other questions about reopening, student enrollment, technology support and other issues that affect students and families?

Where can I go for additional support?



Call the Family Support Line at 804-780-6195 to connect (in English or Spanish) with an RPS employee who can assist you with your questions and direct you to additional resources.

Visit for a list of community resources and programs.



Engage with Us!


How can I stay connected with RPS, learn about events, updates, and stories?

Follow RPS on Instagram (@rvaschools) or Facebook