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2022 Staff Bonuses

RPS staff have worked harder than ever and deserve recognition for their commitment to students these past two years.

The VDOE has approved RPS to use federal funds for a $3,000 bonus for all full-time contracted staff and a $1,500 bonus for all part-time staff (20+ hours/week). These bonuses will be showing up in employee's April 29th paycheck. 

If you are an RPS employee who did not receive the bonus, but believe you are eligible for the, please email:

  • Alyson Davis –
  • Van Shelton –
  • Marie Holmes –

If you have concerns about the taxes withheld from this bonus, please email the Payroll Department at

Bonus Criteria
Contracted Staff
Must have been hired by 2/28/2022
Still actively employed as of 4/29/2022
If on FML, LOA, STD, LTD or worker's compensation, must have worked at least one month during the 2021-2022 school year
Employees who separated before 2/28/2022 do not qualify 


Hourly Staff (non-contracted full-time staff)
Must have been hired by 2/28/2022
Must have worked a minimum of 40 hours per pay period through 3/31/2022
If started the school year as contracted, separated and became hourly on or before 2/28/2022 and work a minimum of 40 hours per pay period, will receive the hourly bonus