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Time Away from Work

Personal Leave

Three (3) urgent personal business days are granted to less-than-twelve month employees at the beginning of each school year with full pay for personal reasons. Unused urgent personal business days will be credited to sick leave accrual at the end of each fiscal year. Absence for religious reasons shall be included in the category of urgent personal business reasons.

Sick Leave 

Less than twelve month and twelve month employees accrue sick leave. Sick leave may be used for personal illness or disability not of a permanent nature, including quarantine, maternity reasons, and necessary appointments with physicians or dentists.

Accumulated sick leave earned in other school divisions in Virginia and any other VRS institution will be accepted at full value upon presentation of appropriate proof of such leave by an instructional or administrative employee transferring to Richmond City Schools.


Only twelve-month employees accrue vacation leave.

Any excess accumulation greater than 240 hours or 400 hours will be transferred to the employee’s sick leave balance at the beginning of each calendar year.

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