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Complaints & Grievances

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, or have a complaint or grievance, Employee Relations is here to assist you with filing a complaint or grievance. 


A complaint should occur before the formal grievance is filed. A complaint is any oral, unwritten accusation, allegation, or charge against the employee's employment conditions. It should be a timely expression of a problem. Complaints must be expressed and discussed with the employee's immediate supervisor before any grievance is filed. If the complaint cannot be resolved, a grievance may be filed.

Click Here to Download the Complaint Form


Grievances are formal written allegations by an employee that there has been a violation, misinterpretation, misapplication, discriminatory application, harassment, racism, unfair treatment, or other policy violations. According to guidelines stated within the Code of Virginia, RPS employees and students may submit a grievance or a statement of complaint when they are the complainants for these incidents.

All grievances should be reported as soon as possible. Further, any employee or student who knows of conduct should report such behavior to the Employee Relations or any school personnel. Grievances will be addressed promptly and according to the procedure for the type of allegation disclosed. To file a grievance, an employee should complete the grievance form and submit it to their supervisor.  A detailed overview of the grievance process is included with the grievance form.

Click Here to Download the Grievance Form